Universities and Economic Development

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University of Washington teacher, James Jiambalvo named dean of business

When James Jiambalvo teaches students at the University of Washington Business School, he talks a lot about the importance of information — how to gather it, how to make sure it’s accurate, and especially how to use it to make sound business decisions.

University of Wisconsin Business News Wire – Excellent example of economic development success

MATR is always looking for outstanding examples of successful economic development efforts from other states and countries. The UW Business Wire is an excellent publication that has contributed much to the success of the Wisconsin university system’s impact on the state’s economy. Great articles and excellent examples of programs that work. I recommend it to anyone involved or interested in this area.

Now It’s Time To Get Your Hands Dirty – Wildcatter Jeff Sandefer has created a radically different M.B.A. program. To pass, you have to complete real-life assignments.

Long before The Apprentice there was Sandefer’s idea to give M.B.A. candidates real-life experiences to help them start their own businesses or run somebody else’s.

Taking Care of e-Business – How the e-Business Consortium at UW-Madison gives companies a competitive advantage.

"We’re here to sell products, grow our company and provide jobs to people," Kolz says. "But we also believe that as good corporate citizens, companies like ours can provide students with tremendous opportunities to learn and grow professionally through our involvement with the consortium."

Year 2 Rural Community College Initiative (RCCI) Report.

Our Goal: The development of a team of community
college faculty, Extension educators
and the broad-based civic leaders
working in partnership to address the
long-term needs of people and places in
rural America.

Dream a Little Dream For Your State’s Economy — It Might Come True

"When you have a university thinking consistently about the economy, it really sets our region apart from other parts of the state,"

New Creative Economy Incubator Launched at Enterprise Center at Salem State – Half of all businesses in North Shore incubator and growth center now belong to Creative Economy

“By spotlighting this new section of our incubator, we both highlight our region’s commitment to growing the creative economy and provide a special focus and networking opportunity for the businesses within the Enterprise Center.”

Northern Kentucky University has a plan to spur state economy

"We think a high-performing metropolitan area needs the university to take a leadership role. We want to link the intellectual capital of the university to the community’s economic development forces."