The Creative and Cultural Economy

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Creativity has a new home in Liberty Lake, WA – Embracing the arts

"Everybody is excited about it," said owner Annette Carter. "We don’t have to drive downtown to Corbin or the Spokane Art Center."

Profile of an Artist: Monte Dolack

An avid bird watcher and fly-fisher, Dolack has created a bounty of environmentally themed art since opening his first Missoula studio almost 30 years ago.

Arts council forms in Sanders County

"We want to promote the theater, music, painting, all the arts, throughout Sanders County so we’re not sitting here like some kind of backward area,"

National Endowment for the Arts and Forest Service FY 2004 Arts and Rural Community Assistance Initiative grant applications now being accepted.

The purpose of these grants is to help grantees demonstrate the importance and value of the arts in rural economic diversification and cultural resource conservation in forest and/or natural resource dependent areas.

SCOPE for Wed. Jan. 14- The Voice of the Missoula Cultural Community

Today is Wednesday, January 14 and on this date were born the following people, all famous in their time in the same field of cultural activity: Franchinus Gaffurius in 1451; Corona Elizabeth Wilhelmine Schroter in…

Branding Missoula as a leading creative community

Missoula has long held the reputation as a creative community. From the University of Montana’s strong liberal arts and writing programs to the world-class authors and painters, there is no shortcoming of creative talent. So how does this symptom economic potential?

SCOPE for Wed. Jan. 7,2004. The Voice of the Missoula Creative Community

Today is Wednesday, January 7. On this frigid date in 1789 the newly constituted United States selected the presidential Electors whose vote on February 4 would determine the first President and Vice-President of the fledgling…

Mayor Gavin Newsom says he’s crazy about art — but time will tell if he can transcend wonkishness to usher in a shining renaissance of the arts in San Francisco

"I am only hopeful that the new mayor will understand the depth to which the arts characterize our town and will act accordingly." That begins, she declares, by being a member of the audience. "The way you’re the best supporter of the arts is to go." "The arts," said Newsom in a 40-minute conversation late last week, "go to the core of what makes this city such a special place."

January 2004 Montana Natural History Center E-News

Welcome to 2004! January is named for Janus, the two-faced Roman deity. In one manifestation, Antevorta and Postvorta, this deity looked simultaneously backwards and forwards examining the past and looking towards the future. The MNHC…

Creating a creative community

"Those communities placing a premium on cultural, ethnic and artistic diversity, and reinventing their knowledge factories for the creative age, will likely burst with creativity and entrepreneurial fervor."