The Creative and Cultural Economy

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Imagination Required For Successful City Building – Experts suggest that the great cities of the world are those that have room for human imagination.

"One of the things we’ve forgotten is that cities are communities of people," Thom observes. "But what is the glue that holds them together? Common values. Common ideas. In recent years, it’s also the growing importance of culture. Our economic well-being is based on our ability to celebrate culture, and celebrate the true identity of our cities.

Glass-blowing artist finds Missoula niche

With a steady hand and a trained eye, Andy McNaught holds a small piece of glass tubing in the fiery path of a propane-oxygen torch. As the glass begins to heat, art begins to form….

‘Cultural tourism’ taking off

The arts have been noted as a positive draw for travelers for many years. But now the whole idea of marketing "cultural tourism" is beginning to take off. Stephen Dunphy / Seattle Times staff columnist…

Scope February 11, 2004 The voice of the Missoula Creative Community

Today is Wednesday, February 11, and at 5 p.m. on this day in 1805 was born Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau. You probably know him as the “Pomp” who was taken by his mother, Sacagawea, when she guided…

Task force would look at arts-economy link in Utah

"There’s not an overall statewide strategic plan dealing with culture as an industry,"

Colorado to tap ‘heritage tourism’

"Heritage tourism" is a lucrative but largely untapped source of new tourism dollars within the $525.8 billion U.S. travel industry

Picture this – $3 million renovation of the Art Museum of Missoula scheduled to be completed by fall 2005

Nine galleries filled with art; two classrooms for student painters and sculptors; a research library; elevators; vaulted ceilings; lots of natural light. These are some of the amenities the new, improved Art Museum of Missoula…

Consultant translates fads from Japan to rest of the world – Japan has shifted from being a powerhouse of manufacturing to an exporter of culture

"It is not about disconnecting but about connecting with others,"

Montana Natural History Center February 2004 Newsletter

Support the Montana Natural History Center’s move to McCormick Park by showing us your “wild” side!

Creative Class War – The United States is becoming less attractive to the creative class, writes Richard Florida, while cities in other countries are becoming new magnets.

Last March, I had the opportunity to meet Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, at his film complex in lush, green, otherworldly-looking Wellington, New Zealand. Jackson has done something unlikely in…