The Creative and Cultural Economy

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Big Sky Country- A view from Ireland

Montana is famous for its big skies, big mountains and big

Gerry Mullins also finds a big welcome.

Montana Natural History Center December Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of the Montana Natural History Center e-newsletter!

Artsy Business – The Montana World Trade Center at the University of Montana is Integrating Arts and Culture with International Trade

“Montana is a very culturally rich area. We have a plethora of the arts.” The Montana World Trade Center is a nonprofit organization that helps businesses establish and strengthen their international commercial capabilities. The Center develops untapped international trade opportunities, then works with businesses to capitalize on those opportunities.

In Oz, Kansas finds fame, fortune, and itself

In the end, the spike in Oz-oriented attractions may be less a rebirth of cultish interest – the fascination has always been there – than a stronger focus in small towns like Wamego on providing jobs and attracting people.

Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce questions downtown arts center

The Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce won’t support the Arts at City Center project if it means higher taxes or if anyone outside the downtown area must pay for it, the organization said in a letter to the city.

Strategies can help attract ‘creative class’ – Capitalize on Education, Lifestyle and City’s "Brand", author says

Most of all, make education a priority and create systems that encourage entrepreneurs to capitalize on locally produced knowledge.

Missoula Cultural Council – Scope 11/19/03

Today is Wednesday, November 19, a day that in 1863 dawned bright and crisp in a small Pennsylvania hamlet, where a tall man with a sad face mounted a small horse and, long legs dangling…

Toledo told to use its assets for creativity – Richard Florida offers advice at Peristyle

Richard Florida has some advice for Toledoans who want their city to be a hotbed of creative energy: Don’t try to be another San Francisco.
"The world does not need another San Francisco,"

The Arts Add Up!

As Richard Florida in Rise of the Creative Class reminds us, the “creative” have always been the engine of economic success and social change.

City urged to think outside the box – "The three T’s of economic development are technology, talent and tolerance" Richard Florida

"If a good business climate was all that mattered, then everybody would be moving to Buffalo," Florida said. "If you look at where companies are going today, it’s some of the most expensive cities in the world — New York, Chicago and San Francisco." "To me, the three T’s of economic development are technology, talent and tolerance," he said. "But you need all three. Too much emphasis on technology and you wind up like Pittsburgh. Too much tolerance, and you’re Miami or New Orleans — great places to visit, but you can’t work there."