The Creative and Cultural Economy

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Report Links Vibrant Arts and Culture Sector to Valley’s Economic Future

“Arts and culture isn’t frill,” he said. “It’s vital fuel for the new economy, and we must do everything possible to help it thrive or we will continue to fall further behind our competitors. The time for action is now.”

Paducah, KY Turns Beat Up Homes Into Blossoming Art Colony

Nearly 40 artists have moved to Paducah since the community launched its Artists Relocation Program two and a half years ago.

Bozeman’s very own film festival

The first annual Montana Crazy Mountain Film Festival is scheduled for Sept. 10-12 at the Ellen and Rialto theaters on Main Street in Bozeman. Because of economic incentives, movie producers have been choosing to make films in Canada and other states over Montana in recent years. Kollar and Saks hope the film festival will revive Montana’s film economy.

Sponsorship program brings together Colorado arts programs – Partnership designed to tap small businesses

"There are several ways you can establish a presence in a location," Jones said. "One is by buying a lot of advertising space. The other is by becoming involved in significant community endeavors."

Gallatin County ‘best place’ in Rockies

The county also earned an A for overall "vibrancy and vitality," and was No. 8 in terms of "arts, culture and employment in the ‘creative class,’" the Colorado College researchers determined.

Art on Access – Coeur d’Alene artists from various disciplines are taping a series of half-hour segments that will begin airing on public access TV

Area artists will soon offer a series of instructional programs designed to enhance the visibility of their work while demonstrating the methods of producing their artistic specialties. "For artists to achieve their potential, they must be seen by as many people as possible,"

The Creative Class – from my perspective

Rich Florida has taken a lot of crap from the academic community for the theory he vetted in his best-seller, The Rise of the Creative Class. To summarize, Dr. Florida says that a city’s predisposition…

Montana Natural History Center May 2004 Newsletter

What’s Happening Outside? Serviceberries, chokecherries bloom Migrants return Marmots awake from hibernation The common blue is one of the earliest butterflies of spring Morels grow on leafy forest floors Listen for the trills of toads…

New Web site highlights parks, group activities in Bozeman- Does your community have a similar site?

The site is updated regularly with information about upcoming events sponsored mostly by nonprofit groups, which differentiates it from the various arts and entertainment publications already out there.

Montana wildlife film festival- IWFF starts 5/1 and goes through 5/8 in Missoula

‘‘It’s one of the premiere wildlife film festivals in the world, and there’s really only a few, so it’s a big deal for us,”