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TODAY’S TED TALK – Use your voice, vote and wallet for climate action

In conversation with TEDWomen curator Pat Mitchell, Tómasdóttir urges us all to recognize our power and to use our voice, vote and wallet to catalyze meaningful climate action.

Today’s TED Talk – Dear world leaders, these are our climate demands

Investing in green energy, holding large corporations accountable for their pollution, stopping pipeline and oil extraction initiatives — these are non-negotiable actions to protect the planet, but they are still just the bare minimum, say climate activists Xiye Bastida and Shiv Soin. In conversation with radio researcher Latif Nasser, Bastida and Soin share their list of six crucial climate demands for world leaders — and discuss how we all can get involved.

Today’s TED Talk – The fastest way to slow climate change now

“Cutting methane is the single fastest, most effective opportunity to reduce climate change risks in the near term,” says atmospheric scientist Ilissa Ocko.

Today’s TED Talk – Al Gore – How to make radical climate action the new normal

An unmissable tour de force on the current state of the crisis — and the transformations that will make it possible to find a way out of it.

Today’s TED Talk – The tech-forward rejuvenation of “underdog” cities

In this visionary talk, Olguin Jr. introduces the work she’s done to uplift and empower people in her community in Fresno, California — and shows how it can be a model to elevate “underdog” communities across the world.

Today’s TED Talk – 3 tips for leaders to get the future of work right

Work that’s dictated by a fixed schedule, place and job description doesn’t make sense anymore, says leadership expert Debbie Lovich.

Today’s TED Talk – How NFTs are building the internet of the future

Learn how NFTs are putting power and economic control back into the hands of digital creators — and pushing forward the internet’s next evolution.

Today’s TED Talk A sci-fi vision of life in 2041

Sci-fi writer Chen Qiufan doesn’t fear a dystopian future. Instead, he believes developments in artificial intelligence will make all of our lives better, healthier and safer. He takes us on a tour of the next 20 years of AI and shares some astonishing predictions for the advancements in science and technology that could await us. “For every future we wish to create, we must first learn to imagine it,” he says.

Today’s TED Talk – Remembering climate change … a message from the year 2071

Coming to us from 60 years in the future, legendary sci-fi writer Kim Stanley Robinson tells the “history” of how humanity ended the climate crisis and restored the damage done to Earth’s biosphere. A rousing vision of how we might unite to overcome the greatest challenge of our time.

Today’s TED Talk – Playful, wondrous public spaces built for community and possibility

Introducing a new type of public space, custom-fit for communities in need of a shot of hope and wonder. Artist and TED Fellow Matthew Mazzotta takes us across the US, sharing delightful projects that refresh space and place, spark collective conversation and reignite a sense of possibility and purpose in their surroundings.