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Stay Home, Highland Laddie – Government agencies in Scotland rush to install broadband throughout the sparsely populated hinterlands. Without it, they fear, talented young people and businesses will flee.

"The central issue facing the Highlands is demographic change, including fewer younger people," he said. "The only means to settle this is to attract people to settle and work in the area. With access to good links, many people can in effect bring their jobs with them and choose to take the benefits of our environment, education and quality of life."
(Sound Familiar??- Russ)

Cellular beacons: phones as homing devices

It’s geared toward worried parents and suspicious bosses and might seem Orwellian to some: the first major commercial service that traces people’s locations using their mobile phones. The mapAmobile service, launched last month across Britain,…

Qwest, Sprint ink wireless deal

Qwest Communications International Inc. signed a deal with Sprint on Monday allowing it to offer national wireless service to customers in the 14 states where it also sells local phone service. By The Associated Press…

Firm helps 911 locate people crying for help – RedSky’s system may get a boost from states’ laws

"This may be a sleeping giant until we get some big incident," said Lies, "but the potential liabilities are there. Legal advisers will point them out to clients, encouraging adoption of E911 technology."

Under Review – Brockton, Mass., improved citizen service and got a return on its investment from performing a telecom overhaul.

Brockton officials said the city saves $15,000 each month, while simultaneously improving service to the city’s 94,000 residents and 250 employees. Easier management and cheaper maintenance should also realize further savings for the city.

Connecting Country Roads – The environment may finally be right for rapid broadband deployment in rural areas.

"A lot of it is educating members of Congress (and our legislature) and the administration about the industry and the impact new technologies will have on the economy," Seiffert said.

Wi-Fi in Watertown, South Dakota Schools

An additional survey conducted in Maine, in which all seventh- and eighth-graders received a laptop, found that state reading levels improved from 40 to 65 percent, primarily due to students’ increased interaction with technology.

Pearl Street in Boulder, CO becomes an Internet ‘hot spot’- Business group pilots high-speed Web access on Mall

Jenkins said the system cost about $3,000 and that no city money was involved. The system’s purpose, she said, is to make downtown Boulder a more attractive place to do business.

Illinois to Confront the Digital Divide

Senate Bill 553 sponsored by Sen. Don Harmon and Rep. Constance A. Howard, makes it easier for technology providers to access grants from the Digital Divide Elimination Infrastructure Fund by changing the eligibility requirements. Under the new law, high-speed Internet providers can obtain a subsidy on the cost of building the necessary transmission facilities.

Biggest Broadband Booster: Michigan- How tech-friendly is your state rate?

TechNet ranks states to encourage tech-friendly policies.