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San Diego wireless net installs 72-mile 2.4-GHz link

Most enterprises that deploy wireless LANS (WLAN) estimate their coverage area in terms of hundreds of feet. Hans Werner-Braun, a researcher at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and principal investigator for the San Diego County…

Connected in Kentucky-Wireless broadband proves key to city’s revitalization.

"It was a very tough time," said Sheilley. "Fortunately, it’s a very resilient community and we’ve bounced back, replaced all the jobs we lost and we’re actually on the plus side of things now."

‘Leaving the House’ to Make an Impact

Who else will join Mike in making our interests known?

Wireless comes of age

(Excellent discussion on how to set up a wireless network in your home or business- Russ)

Tech firms push for less regulation of broadband

WASHINGTON – With the economy in the doldrums and the tech sector feeling the pain, Intel Chief Executive Craig Barrett has enough on his plate in Santa Clara without a messy regulatory battle in Washington….

Antenna System Is Said to Expand Wireless Internet Use

A start-up company plans to announce new antenna technology on Monday that it says can expand the limits of a popular wireless Internet format, providing access to hundreds or even thousands of portable computer users…

Lampposts conceal mini cellphone transmitters

Low-power mobile phone transmitters could soon be hidden inside hundreds of lampposts and telephone poles in UK cities. Will Knight The infrastructure arm of British Telecommunications, BT Wholesale, is currently testing the concealed low-power…

Telecom strategy: Take it or leave it

"There’s another party at this table, by the way. Local governments can and should be building their own fiber networks, as some already have done. Unsurprisingly, the phone companies have been lobbying state legislatures to forbid this practice. We need

Wi-Fi getting new security standard

Major manufacturers of wireless networking products announced support Thursday for a new standard intended to shore up security for the increasingly popular Wi-Fi networking technology. By Margaret Kane Staff Writer, CNET Among those backing…

Touch America Internet server hacked- 7000 customer accounts compromised

Touch America, an Internet service provider, announced Thursday that unknown hackers broke into one of its Internet servers and were able to compromise a file containing information on about 7,000 customers in Montana and six…