Rural Communities

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Vermont Calls Residents to Come Home

Vermont has launched a program called "Pursue Vermont," which it hopes to stem the tide of almost 1,000 college-age youth who leave the state each year.

A new approach to Boise Valley growth – If you recruit the people first, the companies will follow.

Creativity may have become the Treasure Valley’s most important natural resource, and the quality of life here is the raw material that sustains it.

Teaching South Koreans English from Rural Wyoming

So the Holidays moved back home to Ten Sleep, WY (population 304) in Washakie County (population 7,819) with a population density of 3.5 per square mile to start their new business, Eleutian Technology LLC.

Study Reveals $13.9 Billion Annual Federal Telework Deficit. Most Federal Workers Can Work From Home, But Don’t

If all federal employees who are eligible to telework full time were to do so, the federal government could realize $13.9 billion savings in commuting costs annually and eliminate 21.5 billion pounds of pollutants out of the environment each year.

The IT worker shortage: Practical considerations for tech buyers

The shortage of skilled IT workers is not like global warming. We are certain the worker shortage is real, and we are definitely feeling its effects now.

Talent shortage threatens tech

"We’re simply not meeting the demands of companies," Reichgelt said of the American higher education system. "There are more vacancies in IT than we are meeting. Here’s the thing that is frustrating for us: We know the jobs are out there but we’re still failing to increase enrollments. We’re not good at recruiting students to meet those jobs."

Idaho at the forefront of the Gentrification of Rural America. Real estate market attracting local and out-of-state buyers to Cut Bank, Montana

Baby boomers and the previous generation are moving to rural areas in increasing numbers.

Supporting Generation Iowa

Generation Iowa is composed of young leaders between the ages of 18 and 35, to offer recommendations on how Iowa can better nurture, attract and retain young professionals.

Mineral County, Montana Commissioners seek to boost telecommunications infrastructure to increase economic development opportunities in rural communities

“That’s one example of the on-shoring phenomena that we are beginning to see developing,” said DeWolfe. “But what companies are beginning to understand is that they don’t have to go to India. Companies are beginning to understand that spinning off branches into smaller, more livable, lower-cost-of-living communities makes good business sense.”

Ex-Residents Are Gone, But They’re Not Forgotten

Across the country, in an effort to repopulate declining work forces, several states are going after former residents.