Rural Communities

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Tech titans draw fire on U.S. expansions because of incentives and ecological questions

"Instead of trying to woo giant businesses, governments should encourage entrepreneurship."

Hiring quality workers poses stiff challenge

Working in its favor is the fact that Paylocity gives generous benefits, ranging from comprehensive medical coverage and a 401(k) plan to paid life insurance, a casual dress code and holiday bonuses.

"Even with all that, it’s still hard to find people,"

Workers who telecommute less likely to be promoted

Human resource managers say that telecommuting and other work-life programs cut turnover and improve productivity.

Young adults flee Massachusetts

"It really effects the economic and social character of the region. Businesses that are growing fast, such as technology fields, need the energy of entry-level workers, and if there’s a decline in this group they may look to settle elsewhere,"

Empowering Citizens. How engaged citizens in Moscow, Idaho and Morehead, Ky., created new visions for their communities.

We know that citizens connected to their local places will build strong cities and high-quality communal living opportunities.

Why Not Locate Your Next Plant in a Smaller Town?

As long as you can find enough workers, locating your business in a small town can dramatically lower your operating costs.

Many jobs, little help. Growth in Southern Utah leads to employee shortage

"Our immediate challenge is the ability to hire and retain over 100 employees needed for our start-up operation," said Bill Wright, vice president of Viracon Inc., a commercial glass fabrication business now building a massive factory in the Ft. Pierce Industrial Park.

Jobs effort aims to lure local talent back to Central Louisiana

If mom’s cooking isn’t enough to bring adult children back to Central Louisiana, maybe a high paying job will do the trick.

IT Jobs Going Rural by Jack Schultz

Russ Fletcher runs one of the best newsletters in the country focused upon the area of economic development.

Too prosperous, Massachusetts is losing its labor force

"Massachusetts at its best has all these great universities and talented people. But the challenge is creating an environment where young people can have reasonable housing and reasonable transportation," says Mr. Egerman.

It’s particularly hard to recruit young people looking for their first or second job, he says. Potential hires balk at the long commutes or dorm-size apartments. Some of those who do take the job stay only a couple of years.

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