Rural Communities

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Attracting job talent topic of presentation

How are businesses going to compete for the remaining talent?

Rebuilding America’s Productive Economy: A Heartland Development Strategy

America’s economy may well be on the verge of a great resurgence largely unacknowledged by
pundits, academics, and the media. The Heartland will play a critical role in that resurgence—if
we develop the right policies.

Should You Pay Extra For a Speedier Commute?

Telecommuting and the commuter-spending account has helped make my commute less expensive. Sure, spending more time with my family would be worth it even without those savings, but every penny helps.

Outsourcing: Think Local, Not Global

What Are Managed Services?
Managed services are provided by an outside firm. They remotely monitor and maintain your network and your computers for the purpose of anticipating, detecting and remedying problems before your computing infrastructure is brought to its knees, so to speak.

Ireland Looks to U.S. In Search of Skilled Workers

Faced with shortages of skilled, experienced workers in fields such as technology and finance, Ireland has looked to the U.S. to fill the gap.

Offshoring blamed on talent gap

Companies worldwide are scouring the globe for the best programmers, engineers and other professionals.

The Other Indian Outsourcer. Accenture and the Umatilla tribes’ bold plan

Accenture Ltd. needed low-cost places to fill the growing demand for outsourced work performed in the U.S. The Umatilla tribes, based in northeast Oregon, needed jobs and a way to diversify their gaming- and government-dependent economy. Would the tribes be interested in teaming up? Within minutes, Willis’ friend ushered him into a tribal board meeting already in session, led by Chairman Antone Minthorn.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels names next week ‘Entrepreneurship Week’

“We’ve been working hard to build the best environment possible for the birth and development of high-tech, high-growth companies,” Daniels said. “The goal of Entrepreneurship Week is to aggressively reach out to Hoosier graduates and successful business professionals, including those currently living outside of Indiana, and show them how opportunities abound in their native state.”

Indiana City Draws Orthopedic Firms

Three of the world’s five largest makers of artificial joints and related surgical tools have their headquarters here amid the lakes and fields of northeastern Indiana.

New York Bets on High-Tech to Aid Upstate

“The key for upstate New York, or any other region, is the ability to build the set of social and institutional relationships that encourage innovation.”