Regional Economic Development

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Spokane Area’s tech talent has energy to succeed

I continue to be struck by the passion these leaders and innovators express for technology-led growth. I also continue to be impressed by the quality of technology I have found at our universities, in our home workshops and within our existing companies.

Bank Fosters Economic Development for Alaska Indians

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Bank executive John Beirise couldn’t go along with the "acquire and fire" mentality that gripped the banking industry in the mid-1990s, so he launched off on his own. BY MARY PEMBERTON THE…

Cluster of biotech businesses in Colorado should grow naturally

It’s so important that biotech has an opportunity to grow out of academic labs. Biotech is the first industry in the U.S. that really has come out of labs of academic medical centers.

High hopes for high tech-New organization hopes to establish technology corridor in southeast Idaho

“The intent is as each business begins and expands, they are going to create job opportunities,” Hong said. “It’s going to have an impact on the economy in eastern Idaho.”

Spo-d’Alene? Feds want to settle regional economic development question

The combined population of 525,000 would vault the communities ahead of Boise and Colorado Springs, Colo., metropolitan areas — major competitors with Spokane for jobs — and ensure the Spokane area remains among the nation´s top 100 communities in population.

A tale of taters and techies -A remote corner of Idaho (Ida-who?) may give Silicon Valley a run for its money

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO–The 40 miles of Interstate 15 that stretch between the mini-metropolises of Idaho Falls and Pocatello testify to the spud state’s agrarian heritage. The air hangs heavy with the pungent aroma of manure,…

Economic Memo: The state of the region-Only Montana shows hope

At a regional economic conference earlier this month, only Montana, the least populated and industrialized of the states usually included in the Northwest, posted any good news. The Big Sky country, sagging this summer along with everyone else, might be the only state to technically avoid a recession.

Ranchers still dream of beef processing plant, with new approach

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – Ranchers in the Dakotas are still chasing the dream of a cattle processing venture, but the chase is taking a different route. Associated Press Billings Gazette The new approach emphasizes developing…

Yah, Marge, It Gets Cold Here,But Growth Has Been Pretty Hot-Experiencing an Unlikely Boom, Workers in Fargo Are a Bit Scarce

Now, Fargo is facing the opposite problem that much of the nation has: It’s starting to run out of workers. Dakota expatriates are a particular recruiting target. As opportunities improve, political and business leaders hope they will return.

Oregon Group suggests initiatives to spur Oregon’s economy-Budget crisis or not, Oregon needs to invest in the foundations of its high-tech economy — or risk watching it wither.

"There isn’t a CEO anywhere in the world who can’t take less than 1 percent of his budget and focus it on their strategic future," Johnson said. "It’s time for Oregon to make that decision. It’s time for Oregon to rally around a solution." (How about Montana?- Russ)