Regional Economic Development

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2003 North Dakota State of the State Address-Gov. Hoeven Asks North Dakota to Invest in Smart Growth

The Honorable John Hoeven Governor of the State of North Dakota January 7, 2003 Lt. Governor Dalrymple, Justices of the Supreme Court, distinguished legislators, elected officials, former Governor Link, tribal leaders, First Lady Mikey, honored…

Colorado Cities seek to keep workers near home Regional planners target ‘jobs/housing balance’

(Is this the problem that Montana will be facing in the very near future or are we already there? Are we preparing to address it to keep from replicating the problems of other communities?- Russ)

Next challenge for (North Dakota) lawmakers

The 1990 "Vision 2000" report said in bold type:
"North Dakota is at risk and cannot stand still. It must take bold actions now to prepare for the future." Nearly 13 years later, that future is now.
By all appearances, the Legislature – all North Dakotans – never faced more compelling reasons for dealing with the present than they do now.

Plan offers old name, new twist in North Dakota- a contemporary homestead act – offering tax credits and venture capital instead of free land to attract adventuresome souls to repopulate the Great Plains.

By: Patrick Springer The Forum Fargo, ND The lure of free land drew thousands of homesteaders to places like Wagendorf Township in southwest North Dakota, where Caroline Bach settled in 1906. By: Patrick Springer…

SBA Newsline Eight- Volume 9 – Issue 1

SBA’s Monthly News Update -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming- Newsline Eight is circulated to our resource and lending partners by SBA’s Region Eight Office 721 19th Street, Suite 400, Denver,…

Sheridan WY revamps economic development efforts

"There are so many great groups here in this community and I finally see them getting together to work together instead of these little pockets all working separately," he said.

South Dakota town has cheapest homes-Affordable Yankton South Dakota’s housing prices worlds away from Palo Alto’s

For the price of that home in Palo Alto, you could buy 12 1/2 such homes in Yankton.

Expert: North Dakota should shift from subsidies

“What if North Dakota were to say that we’re going to engage in a 20-year investment strategy that would say we’re going to be one of the most entrepreneurial places in the country?” he said. “We’re going to set our course on that star.” “The leadership in the state has to stand up, set a course, and take the political heat for it,” he said. “You’ve got to distinguish yourself from the rest of the country.”

Bison industry looks to beef up consumption

The bison industry is looking for ways to sell more buffalo meat and help ranchers struggling through lean times – starting with one city as a test. By Blake Nicholson The Associated Press Denver Post…

Spokane Chamber, EDC want new tax

Measure would require local vote to raise funds for economic development The Spokane Area Economic Development Council and the Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce will ask the state Legislature this coming session to give counties…