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Qwest Awarded $40 million Web Hosting Contract From National Institutes of Health

Qwest will provide total Web hosting for NIH servers; multi-gigabit connections to the Internet, the NIH campus and the Internet2 Abilene Network; and program management.

Workers help keep mill alive

"It goes to the people who you see in boots and hard hats," he said. "The people here … had seen so many of their sister mills shut down. They came together to draw up an operating plan. They made themselves desirable."

Spokane-based Itron Inc. 16th among top 100 tech firms

A business magazine has placed Spokane-based Itron Inc. on its list of 100 fastest-growing technology companies. Itron, which makes and sells automated metering systems and software tools, placed 16th on the list, published in the…

More than 150 INEEL workers will lose jobs

More than 150 employees will lose their jobs at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory this week as the government resorts to forced dismissals after only a few dozen employees volunteered to leave. The…

Spokane could become a hub for data protection

Thousands of West Coast companies will be looking for help in choosing safe backup recovery sites a couple hundred miles away from their main offices in the event of emergencies or natural disasters.

Coldwater Creek started in a closet in Sandpoint, Idaho; company now has 13 million customers

It all started when the 30-something couple left their jobs in Manhattan for the wide open spaces of Sandpoint, located 53 miles south of Canada and with a population between 4,500 and 5,500. There, the Selkirk and Cabinet mountains surround an area that is home to black bear, bald eagles, moose and elk.

Hewlett-Packard’s Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina talks up Boise

“Any business leader who looks further down the road than three months realizes that if we do not educate our kids, we will not grow and prosper.”

Venture Capital firm Stellar Tech ends 4 years of keeping a low profile

The firm operates differently than its traditional venture capital counterparts in that it focuses solely on helping brand-new companies get launched, takes a larger ownership stake, and provides back-office services.

Kids and computers – Small business close-up: Ednetics’ focused approach helps it link schools with the technology they need

While many technology companies have faded into distant memory, Swanby’s Ednetics is quietly flourishing.

Wrapped around a new venture – Blongo Family Fun

Blongo Family Fun owners Roberta and Mike Long have placed the outdoor game in six Spokane-area retail stores. This game called Blongoball, it doesn’t look like much. By Linn Parish Spokane Journal of Business The…