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The state with the best education wins!


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Oregon Governor Announces Quality-of-Life Benchmarking Web Site

The report, according to a release from the Governor’s Office, shows Oregon is making strong progress in terms of economic growth, public safety and livable communities, while challenges remain in other areas, including education, civic engagement, social support and the environment based on established state goals.

Oregon bioscience development forecast: Back to reality

The fountain of new companies, jobs and tax revenue that was supposed to flow from taxpayers’ investment has not materialized as rapidly as envisioned. And OHSU’s new president, Joseph Robertson, acknowledges that the university’s projections were "optimistic" and "exuberant."

Oregon Angels join forces to focus on sustainable ventures

Portland and Oregon have a culture that is hospitable to new ideas for sustainable industry and clean energy. But the challenge for the state’s startups has always been access to capital.

That’s why it was so important to create some kind of vehicle for creating more "informed capital," said Zenger.

Oregon: High tech’s second home

Few tall pines sprout in Oregon’s Silicon Forest, but the state turns out to be pretty good at nurturing transplants.

Everyone’s ‘visioning’; is anyone focusing?

Can Oregon, Metro and Portland learn from the rest of the nation in their new planning efforts: Regulation and policy, alone, do not produce development.

Investing – Few of the millions the Legislature has marked for venture capital get back to Oregon

Four years after the Legislature pushed the state-run pension fund to plow $100 million into Oregon-based business startups, only $7 million has found its way into businesses and just a fraction of that into businesses in Oregon.

Booming Bend, Oregon

As towns such as Missoula, Montana, and Sun Valley, Idaho, have also found, trees are more valuable standing than chopped down for lumber, says Nina Chambers, a researcher with a think-tank called the Sonoran Institute.

Freightliner to lay off up to 800 employees in Portland

Up to 800 workers will be laid off by March 30, and the company will scale back operations from two shifts to one. The plant has 1,700 employees.

Funding lines up for sustainable tech research center. Oregon Bio-Economy and Sustainable Technologies (Oregon BEST)

Practical applications – The center will draw on researchers at all seven state university campuses

Oregon Sets Sights on Innovation Plan

The Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC), which spent a year reviewing how best to expand the state’s economy by leveraging industry-supported initiatives with public investments, may get to see the toils of its labor come to fruition.


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