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Montana Peaks Hat Co. goes Wild West in Paris for Disney

Hats by Montana Peaks have even made it to the big screen. Sissy Spacek wore one in "Streets of Laredo" and so did Paul Gross in the Canadian Western "Gunless."

Oregon’s VC haul

Oregon companies have raised nearly $75 million in venture capital so far in 2011.

Oregon wine industry nearly doubles in four years to $2.7 billion

"I’d expected to see growth, even fairly significant growth," said Christian Miller, who conducted the study. "But I was surprised at how strong that growth really was. Given the economy we’ve been through, it’s pretty remarkable."

Big-name tech companies resume migration into Oregon’s Silicon Forest

Intel now employs more Oregonians than any other business.

New laws to give Gov. John Kitzhaber far greater control over Oregon schools

"With this change, it’s more important than ever for people who care about education to get involved in the election of the next governor."

Intel surprises Beaverton and Hillsboro schools with influx of Israeli families

Over the last three weeks, about 300 Israeli families with an estimated 400 children have come to the area. The parents are part of a five-month training program for Intel’s Israeli employees.

Oregon venture capital enjoyed renaissance in 2010

Oregon enjoyed a welcome boost of enthusiasm from venture capitalists last year, with startups attracting nearly twice as much outside investment as they did in 2009, according to new data from the National Venture Capital Association.

Portland’s Indow Windows brings thermal inserts to market

The inserts are made out of acrylic glazing edged with a spring bulb. When you press the insert into place, the spring bulb compresses, holding the glazing securely in place, just like a refrigerator door.

Portland startup Lecere sues its own investors over online comments

In a series of increasingly barbed posts this fall and winter, a new federal lawsuit alleges, these critics called Morris a "criminal," a "clown" and a "scum bag rotten piece of trash with no morals."

Oregon companies enjoy banner year

While Oregon’s economy remained in the tank throughout 2010, the state’s publicly traded companies enjoyed a banner year.