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Need a job? ‘Ya oughta go ta North Dakota’

As the rest of the nation sinks into a 12th grim month of recession, North Dakota, at least up until now, has been quietly reveling in a picture so different that it might well be on another planet.

A Placid North Dakota Asks, What Recession?

While dozens of states, including neighboring ones, have desperately begun raising fees, firing workers, shuttering tourist attractions and even abolishing holiday displays to overcome gaping deficits, lawmakers this week in Bismarck, the capital, were contemplating what to do with a $1.2 billion budget surplus.

North Dakota Unified Judicial Branch Signs Justice Software Contract with Tyler Technology

The Odyssey Case Manager will expedite court administration for the state’s seven judicial districts, which serve all 53 counties, by easing the management of and access to case information.

North Dakota Tries WebFair for Hundreds of State Jobs

WebFairND is free to job seekers and students.

North DakotaTrade Office launches export program

The Trade Office has hired Mike Seifert, a business development specialist, to lead a team of professionals who will work with North Dakota manufacturers and producers of value-added foods to overcome production capacity issues that limit exports.

Intelligent InSites Receives Venture Capital Funding from Arthur Ventures of Fargo, North Dakota. Former Microsoft Senior Executive Backs Real-Time Location Software Company

"Intelligent InSites is a company with aggressive goals and tremendous potential for growth," said Arthur Ventures Chairman Doug Burgum. "With a product conceived and developed in this region, but with global application, and an ambitious plan to succeed, it was exactly the kind of business we were looking for."

Innovate North Dakota incubates ideas

Innovate ND is a competitive program that awards cash prizes. Entrants participate in online education, business planning and mentoring from proven business owners.

New North Dakota Venture Capital Group Formed – Arthur Ventures

Arthur Ventures is interested in companies involved in information technology, life sciences and clean technologies. Burgum says the typical deal will involve between $1 million and $2 million.

Oil boom creates millionaires and animosity in North Dakota

"These people have been farming rocks for generations," he says. "It’s like winning the lottery."

Or the booby prize.

Entrepreneurial North Dakota!

Another renewed contact at the Governor’s Conference was with Esther and Shawn Oehlke of SEO Precision. When I first met them in rural Crosby, ND they had recently moved from Albuquerque, NM with their two sons. At the time they had laser technology which could lock onto a nickel from 20 miles away. "We now can keep it locked onto that same nickel from 100 miles."