North Dakota Business and Economic Development

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Study finds North Dakota Centers of Excellence had $329 million impact

“Those are the kinds of results we were hoping to achieve and we want to continue to achieve,” Gov. John Hoeven said of the Centers of Excellence program.

Movie Making in North Dakota

"That 100 dollars basically says you are gonig to be in the movie as an individual, you are going to be in the movie as a business, you are going to be in the movie as a town. So that is bascially how we are financing the movie. In hope that these businesses, towns and people are going to see that we are trying to add value to North Dakota through a good North Dakota movie."

| Subscribe to stories like this North Dakota State University President Joseph Chapman resigns, saying ‘It just isn’t fun’

"Given all the stuff that is going on, for the institution and especially for the students, the people who really matter in all this, it’s just time to do something else." North Dakota State University President Joseph Chapman

North Dakota Research Center to Develop Fuel from Algae

As an example of its potential, just one acre of algae produces between 5,000 and 15,000 gallons of fuel, compared to only 50 gallons from 1 acre of soybeans.

North Dakota, a Place to Go for Employment – a total of more than 9,000 openings in the public and private sectors.

Just a few years ago, North Dakota’s unemployment rate was so low that officials traveled to other states, trying to convince people to move there. Now officials don’t have to do that; the economy is doing it for them.

Minneapolis aviation manufacturer eyes North Dakota

The Minot City Council is considering a loan to a Minneapolis company that may help lure 100 jobs in the next two years to this city.

North Dakota delegation extends investment in nanoscience at the North Dakota State College of Science

“We have to have the research and skilled workers necessary to build up our cutting-edge technology industries. This center will help attract businesses to the state and give students career opportunities in an exciting field that is growing here in North Dakota. It helps keep our best and brightest here at home, and helps North Dakota schools become an example of teaching methods across the country.”

North Dakota co-op, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, to get $100M to research CO2 reduction

"The future really requires that we find the technology that will allow us to sequester carbon," Senator Conrad said. "We simply must reduce the carbon levels being emitted, and the question is, how do we do that in a cost-effective way … This $100 million will hopefully go a long way toward helping to answer that question."

North Dakota Enacts First Shareholder Friendly Corporation Law – Carl Icahn company, American Railcar Industries Inc., setting up corporate residence in North Dakota

The new law provides
a governance structure for publicly traded corporations that gives
shareholders greater rights than they currently have under other state

In North Dakota, the Good Times Are Still Rolling

California has the Golden Gate Bridge, New York has the Empire State Building, Illinois has the Magnificent Mile. And North Dakota? It has a hefty budget surplus those states would envy.