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50 million gallon per year ethanol plant to be built near Trenton, ND

"There will be a ramp-up period for the production of corn in the area, but the availability of a local market for corn is expected to rapidly increase the corn acreage in the area," Mark...

Dickinson State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Rural Revitalization designated Center of Excellence

DSU sought the funding through Gov. John Hoeven’s Centers of Excellence initiative. The university submitted and presented a proposal that meets Center of Excellence criteria of directly linking economic development and education to create higher...

Call center officials in Williston, ND say worker shortage is forcing closing

Hall said the 30 call center positions from Williston will probably be split up among the Montana sites, and the people being laid off from Williston positions will have the option of moving to the...

Free Lots On The Prairie – Not Far From Forsaken. North Dakota offers free land to settlers.

The mission: to entice young people from other parts of the country to pick up and move to northwest North Dakota, settle down, start families and fill those empty schools again.

North Dakota College Aims to Link Higher Education and Economic Development

Mayville State is looking to establish an Early Learning Economic Development Center of Excellence, as well as turn its Traill County tech incubator into an bona fide excellence center.

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