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Google gives non-profits a free ride to donors, needy

The low cost of entry and the fact that advertisers only have to pay if an ad is clicked has brought hundreds of thousands to the new medium, with amazing success stories.

Nonprofit health care plan offers hope – The Montana Nonprofit Association

The move could perhaps serve as an example other economic sectors could duplicate in an effort to get health care coverage for more Montanans.

Nonprofits as an economic force in Montana – Montana Nonprofit Association

In this season of charitable giving, Brian Magee hopes to highlight the contributions Montana’s nonprofit organizations make to the state’s economy and quality of life.

Deal to Spread ‘Socially Conscious’ Investing; Incapital Brokerages Will Offer Calvert Foundation Notes to Finance NonProfits

"The people who buy these notes know the cold, hard fact that on a rate
of return basis, they could make more money in another investment," said
Thomas S. Ricketts, chief executive of Incapital. "But there’s lots of
other people who get back more knowing that they put their money into
something beneficial and that they are helping to promote great causes."

Seniors and Aging Boomers to Help Fill Technology Void for Nonprofit Organizations – Retired Technology Volunteers (RTV) program

The RTV program was created to bring adults age 50 and older with technology skills, together with nonprofit organizations that can benefit from their IT expertise.

Montana Nonprofit Association Monthly eNews December 2005

MNA is a membership organization that promotes a stronger nonprofit sector, supportive public climate, and the ability of nonprofits to accomplish their missions.

Giving Thanks -Charitable organizations offer help

This is our annual salute to all the nonprofit organizations that provide helping services to the communities of southwest Montana by volunteering time, services, hearts and souls to help others. You truly put the “unity” in community. From all of us, thanks.

More using computers to follow disaster news and donate

Roughly 18 percent of Internet users said they had used the Web to donate to charities.

Symetra Offers Medical Coverage to Montana Nonprofits: State’s Nonprofit Association Seeks to Improve Member Access to Insurance

The partnership with MNA will help make medical insurance more attainable for more than 5,000 Montana nonprofit organization employees and their families.

Glacier Fund gives $182,000 to Glacier National Park.

"We try to meet some of the needs that aren’t funded," said Jan Metzmaker of the Glacier Fund "There’s a pretty big wish list up in the park."