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Foundation of charity, The Greater Ravalli Foundation helps Bitterroot youth

"We’ve established a template that any county anywhere in the United States can follow," he said. "We’re very proud of what we’ve done here and more than willing to open up what we do and share it."

"There is so much need and so much poverty," he said. "I would sure welcome other people taking the template we put together and replicating it."

Fighting Hate with Democratic Values – The Montana Human Rights Network fights hate crimes by promoting democratic values and public discourse.

MHRN’s mission is to promote democratic values such as pluralism, equality and justice; challenge bigotry and intolerance; and organize communities to speak out in support of democratic principles and institutions.

Are charitable foundations real catalysts for change?

At a time of year when people traditionally assess how they can help those in need, charitable foundations would also do well to ask themselves some searching questions: Are they still valuable institutions – or…

Susan Packard Orr: Designs software for nonprofits

"There are more than 1 million nonprofit organizations in the country, and something like 95 percent of them have no budget for information technology,”

Fickle cycle – Environmental non-profits living with the pinch

In November 2002, the once mighty Turner Foundation closed its donor doors, pulling accustomed funding from beneath the feet of the non-profit environmental community in Missoula, and throughout the state and the nation.

Strategic Giving for Entrepreneurs

Charity begins at home, but that’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a fact of life in the workplace — especially when it blesses both recipient and giver

New Definitions of Social Entrepreneurship: Free Eye Exams and Wheelchair Drivers

Dees had some advice for business people considering a move into social entrepreneurship. They need to understand the limits of a market approach to social problems, and learn enough about their chosen field to be credible in advancing the underlying social impact theory.

Missoula Hunger Summit groups gather to coordinate their efforts

"There’s a lot of nonprofits out there that are generously supported by government grants and the general public," Cramer said in an interview. "It’s in everyone’s best interest that they’re functioning as effectively as possible, especially in this time of rising hunger and increased competition for diminished resources."

Tomorrow’s leaders need us to provide ample opportunities

Our community and business leaders have sent the nonprofit organizations of this region a strong message. Because of the downturn in the economy, they can no longer support duplicate organizations that are not meeting the educational and economic needs of the community.

PR firm invites Utah nonprofits to apply for free services- Can we duplicate this here?

Penna Powers Cutting Haynes/ProClix, an advertising and public relations firm, invites Utah nonprofit organizations to submit applications to receive free creative and public-relations work in the firm’s annual "CreateAThon." ************* Do we have any PR…