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Nonprofit groups impact Montana’s economy – $2.77 billion in 2004

On the employee side, nonprofits paid $1.09 billion in wages in the year ended last June, more than any other industry sector in the state except local government and retail, according to the Department of Labor and Industry.

Montana Nonprofit Day, 1/16, Helena, MT

It’s a great day for MNA! Now nearly 400 nonprofits strong and growing, MNA is poised to speak with one voice about our vision for the future and the vital role that nonprofits play in community and civic life. After a year of conversation with our members, we are ready to release our public policy agenda. Now is the time!

Herberger’s again offers local nonprofits fundraising opportunity

Qualifying Community Day organizations include local 501C-3 nonprofit organizations, churches and schools.

Tight job market hurts recruiting at nonprofits

A strengthening economy is making it tougher for nonprofits to hire top talent.

Best Blogs: Social Calls. Three blogs take you inside the nonprofit world

Want to learn how social entrepreneurs do good (or not)? Three blogs take you inside the nonprofit world and show how organizations deliver results.

Missoula based Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to receive $247,500 HUD grant

Since the organization began in 1984, it has protected and enhanced more than 4.7 million acres of wildlife habitat across elk country and funded more than 4,900 stewardship, conservation-education and hunting-heritage projects in 49 states and eight Canadian provinces, the release said.

Missoula-based Adventure Cycling Association looks back, plans for future as the largest nonprofit cycling organization in the country

“It’s sort of the Mecca of bicycling,” Sayer said. “People just feel the need to come by, and we love to see them.”

Computer 4 Kids spreads bytes of holiday cheer

Computer 4 Kids takes donated computers, refurbishes them and gives them to families who otherwise could not afford one.

The Montana Nonprofit Association has an agenda for the 2007 Montana Legislative Session including extending the Montana Charitable Endowment Tax Credit

The credit makes some gifts to nonprofits for endowments tax-deductible. In the 10 years the tax credit has been on the books in Montana, it has helped charitable nonprofits add $100 million in permanent assets, Magee said.
"It’s been enormously successful,"

Starting a Nonprofit Business

If you have a passion for a cause, starting a nonprofit could be for you.