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Introductory Reading For Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership

Students cannot master that which they do not create for themselves. This is especially true of anything that is at first counterintuitive.

“Carpe diem” could be a good motto for Montana State University’s graduating class of 2010. Among this year’s graduating seniors are many students who have seized the day in remarkable ways.

“My sense is MSU students are thinking deeply about serving others — and they want to do so now, not later.” said Carmen McSpadden. Here are three graduating seniors who have seized the day at MSU, served others and made a positive difference.

Leadership certifications can help advance IT careers

For IT professionals looking to move into leadership roles, certification and specific niche expertise could be a rewarding investment of time.

David W. Orr – “Down To The Wire: Local Responses To Climate Destabilization,”, 4/22, Montana State University, Bozeman

Orr is a professor at Oberlin College, dubbed one of the “greenest” campuses in the nation and led the effort to design and build the first substantially green college building in the United States.

MSU Student Leadership Forum "Emotional Intelligence – Leading From The Heart", 2/2, Montana State University, Bozeman

The presentation will focus on the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence, based on the work of Daniel Goleman, and the importance of leading from the heart as well as the head – recognizing that good leadership embodies more than aggression and strategy.

New Certificate Program at Montana State University Grooms Leaders

The Leadership Fellows Certificate Program is a collaboration between the Associated Students of MSU, the MSU Leadership Institute and University College. The program came out of a request by students for more leadership education, according to Carmen McSpadden, director of the MSU Leadership Fellows Program.

Should Leadership and Management Development be a National Priority?

68 per cent of managers surveyed confessed to being ‘accidental’ managers, not aspiring to occupy management roles at the start of their careers. Two in five admitted to not wanting the responsibility of managing people at all, while 63 per cent of managers say they had no management training. Only 28 per cent of managers hold any type of formal management qualification.

MSU Leadership Institute – Ambassador Peter Galbraith “Afghanistan – A War Of Necessity Or A Quagmire”, 11/9, Bozeman

President Hamid Karzai has agreed to a run-off vote to be held on November 7th – terrific timing to hear from Ambassador Galbraith!

New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof calls on Americans to act at Montana State University Leadership Institute Event – He inspires MSU students to save the world

What brought his attention to the plight of women and girls, he said, was realizing that while about 500 Tiananmen students were killed, just as many infant girls die in China each week — 39,000 a year — from neglect and lack of medical care because they are girls.

Montana State University student leaders surprise retiring President, Geoff Gamble with scholarship award in his name

"President Gamble has had a tremendous impact on student leadership development at MSU, and this scholarship recognizes that," said Carmen McSpadden, director of the MSU Leadership Institute. "He is such a student-centered leader."