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Montana’s changing economic geography

Montana’s changing economic geography is only beginning to penetrate the state’s policy discussions. For example, the state traditionally utilizes revenue from resource extraction to fund its budget and lower taxes on other sectors. A decline...

Survey says: Regardless of party ties, most Montana voters are conservationists

The eighth-annual Conservation in the West survey shows Montana voters are divided on Trump but united on public lands.

Next Legislature Must Stand Up for Montana – These cuts have real-life consequences BY STEVE BULLOCK

Montanans are now seeing the real-life consequences of budget decisions made by the Republican legislators who make up the majority of our state Legislature.

Local sales tax a possibility for Billings

The mayor of Billings said he supports a local sales tax because there is a need for building local infrastructure and trail construction is at a stand still. He said the local sales tax would...

Montana Governor Bullock approves six bills to cover $227 million gap in Montana budget, vetoes two others

Bullock called the special session this month to reduce spending to fix a budget shortfall, which was caused by unexpected costs from this summer’s wildfires and low revenue.

State work-comp fund sues to block $30M transfer approved last week by Montana special session

"Montana State Fund funds and assets belong to MSF policyholders and cannot be encumbered by the Legislature," the suit said. "… It is not the duty of MSF policyholders to solve the state’s fiscal problems."

Missoulian editorial – Legislators should hear about effects of their refusal to raise taxes

Make no mistake: These reductions are going to hurt.

Montana House majority leaders offer special session wrap-up

Our resolve to not raise taxes on Montanans and our determination to find a better solution meant that we couldn’t take the easy way out.

Montana Governor Bullock says he’ll veto state worker furloughs, may not renew prison contract

Hours after the Legislature adjourned, the Democratic governor told reporters that House Bill 8, sponsored by Rep. Barry Usher, R-Billings, was riddled with legal problems and "was pretty half-baked and in many respects, fairly silly."

Montana GOP majority expands special session on budget, transgender issues -Governor Bullock already making budget cuts

"Today we saw a stark contrast between one party that showed up to address the budget issue we face, and one party that wants to waste taxpayer money and … do things to harm people,"...

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