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Montana Podcast Episode 52 — Sen. Fred Thomas on deregulation, term limits, and three decades in the Capitol

While Thomas supported the 1992 constitutional initiative that led to legislative term limits — citizens may serve as a state representative or senator for no more than eight years in a 16-year period — he now sees term limits as limiting the experience available to the Legislature.

Montana Legislature Revenue Committee Tax Study Focuses on Income Taxes, Committee Reviews Energy Tax Credits

As part of its new duty to review tax credits, the committee will evaluate the tax credit for energy-conserving expenditures and the alternative energy systems tax credit.

Montana LegislatureTransportation Interim Committee Meeting March 23

During the meeting in Helena, the committee also will discuss electric vehicles and Montana’s fuel tax.

MT Lowdown Podcast – Democratic candidate for governor Whitney Williams

“Forty percent of Montanans say they choose between putting food on the table and filling a prescription,” Williams said. “Montanans are, I think, fed up with this idea that the federal government is going to solve this problem for us, because they’re not.”

States and the Fiscal Constraints Autonomous Vehicles May Bring

Driverless cars and trucks could provide many benefits, from safer highways to improved mobility, but widespread adoption could shrink the vehicle-related revenue streams that states rely on.

Montana property taxes keep rising. Here’s where residents shoulder the heaviest loads.

Figures presented to lawmakers last month indicate the answer varies widely across different parts of the state, ranging from as low as $125 annually per capita in McCone County to as high as $15,794 per capita in Madison County.

Montana Governor’s climate panel forwards recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

“We owe it to [the earth] to stop just doing reports and minimal things. We need to act with urgency. And I ask please to start using the right language … because then we can match the actions to meet up with that.” – Missoula resident Leticia Romero

Bozeman instructs employees to relay talks with elected officials

City of Bozeman employees have been told anytime they talk with elected officials — city, county or state — to let the city manager known that conversation happened.

Nonprofit expands free security services for campaigns as election season heats up

DDC is designed to be a one-stop shop for campaigns to get protections against phishing, websites and mobile app security, multi-factor authentication through security keys, and more.

Montana lawmakers diverge on merits of annual legislative sessions

Any change to the Legislature would require revising the state constitution and would have to go to the voters for approval.