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How States Can Gird for the Coming Fights Over Taxing Digital Ads

Maryland is leading the way, but its new levy faces plenty of pushback in the courts and Congress. States that want to follow suit should act quickly to craft viable uniform model legislation.

Former Department of Revenue Director and Missoula Mayor Mike Kadas: Rushed tax bill will result in uncertain and regressive outcomes

State legislators are rushing a massive overhaul of our income tax system through the legislature at the last minute. Senate Bill 399 would cost the state millions in revenue and result in one in five Montanans paying more in income taxes.

The FCC wants you to test your internet speeds with its new app

The FCC Speed Test App could help the agency correct its data

Biden Announces His Broadband Plan—and ISPs Will Hate It

Municipally owned networks, nonprofits, and cooperatives would play a major role in the expansion pitched by Biden.

Lawmakers Should Allow Sidewalk Delivery Robots to Stay

The use of robots from companies like Starship Technologies for last-mile deliveries skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and legislators would do well to make them easier to deploy on city sidewalks.

Montana Legislature proposes reducing funds to government agencies with COVID-19 regulations stricter than the state’s

The bill states “the amount of the grant is reduced by 20% if that local government or any of its authorized agents have issued health regulations related to COVID-19 that are more strict than those imposed by the state.”

“Broadband” Sunk Costs: A Cautionary Tale

Lesson Number 1: The digital divide was not a consequence of rural economics; it has been the policy of the federal government.

A Relay is Born: the Missoula Valley Internet Co-op Grows One Radio Link at a Time

As we’ve discussed in prior articles, and in our previous community call, the success of this community owned and operated network that we are building hinges upon two things:

The financial side of school choice in Montana

A pair of legislative proposals would rewrite how the state funds educational opportunities for students. Supporters say they want to give Montanans more choices, while opponents argue the changes threaten to steer public dollars to private religious institutions.

So many people don’t have internet — and it’s not their fault

The pandemic has proven that consistent access to high-speed internet is an essential good.