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MMEC Forward Focus Newsletter

Compete Smart Manufacturing Conference, Oct. 7-8, Billings, Mont
Discover priceless peer perspectives and an eye for opportunity from plant tours, high value breakout sessions and compelling speakers at Compete Smart on Oct. 7-8, your Opportunity to Change the Game!

Two weeks left to register for Compete Smart Conference

Come Celebrate Manufacturing Week with us and hear your favorite – real stories from Montana Company Leaders and how they Change the Game.

Sometimes Innovating Is Knowing When to Make a Change

In today’s economy, the company found itself and its competitors wrestling for market share rather than just trying to keep up with organic growth all had been enjoying for several years.

"Opportunity – Change The Game" MMEC’s Premier Conference For Montana Manufacturers, 10/7-8, Billings, Montana

Compete Smart is a two-day conference for Montana manufacturers (job shops, production and processing facilities & manufacturing allies) co-hosted by the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center and NorthWestern Energy.