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Montana Governor's Office of Economic Development

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The Montana Governor's Office of Economic Development is the state's lead organization to help businesses succeed in our state.

10 Magical Montana Sights You’ll Remember For The Rest Of Your Life

Sometimes you’ll see a sight so incredible, you’ll remember it for the rest of your days.

Video – Don’t let the sun set on Montana’s Economic Development. Support HB52

Don’t let the sun set on Montana’s Economic Development. Support HB52 which would allow eight key economic development tools to continue to serve the communities and businesses of Montana.

I’ll never leave Montana

The Montana river runs through all of our lives.

Interview with Montana Ambassador Dusty Eaton CEO/Principal A&E

I love working in Montana, and truly believe this region is the “last best place.”

Innovate Montana Launches New Site

We have launched our new Innovate Montana website focused on starting, growing, or relocating your business, and connecting you with resources and mentors within our statewide community.

Entrepreneurship in Montana

The state has more entrepreneurs per capita than any other state and a business survival rate (businesses that survive their first five years) that ranks in the top 10.

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The Secret is Out – Montana Has Been Discovered

“The story that’s being told both within and beyond Montana’s borders is that it is an exceptional place to grow a business, hire a productive and loyal workforce, and find the wide-open spaces that restore...

2019 ServeMontana Awards – We invite you to nominate individuals and organizations

The purpose of these awards is to recognize individuals of all ages and backgrounds who, through their dedication and commitment to community service, have greatly enhanced civic life in Montana.

The Secret is Out – Montana Has Been Discovered

The success of every Montana business can be traced back to the exceptionally talented, creative and loyal workforce you will find in every corner of the state.

How the Outdoor Economy Feeds Us

Conference attendees noted that the very creation of a statewide Office of Outdoor Recreation represents a paradigm shift from the days when all economic attention centered on Montana’s oil and gas industries, as well as...

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