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Student Loans – Are You Kidding Me??? – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver discusses the state of student loans, the House vote to ban TikTok, why House Republicans refused to attend their work retreat, and, of course, Left Shark.

Join us for a conversation with one of the greatest CEOs in the world on 3/27

Beginning March 27, we’re bringing you a monthly opportunity to have genuine conversations with global tech and business leaders. 

The FCC Now Says Broadband Speed Should Be at Least 100 Mbps

The old broadband standard of 25 Mbps wasn’t cutting it anymore.

The rural workforce is changing. Colleges are scrambling to keep up. 

Across America, rural workforces have been stretched beyond recognition in the wake of the pandemic. The sudden move toward telework has shifted housing and labor markets, creating a crisis of affordability for long-time residents plus a growing demand for hands-on labor in health care, construction and other fields. Amid rapid change, colleges are struggling to adapt fast enough to meet their communities’ needs.

As higher education faces an enrollment cliff, UM sets its sights on fewer programs. Does it have to happen? How about a French sister city with Missoula?

“I think it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Saha said. “When you don’t replace faculty, you see declining enrollment.”

The Khan Academy – AI for education – How will AI shape the future of education?

Let Khan Academy and our partners—including, Common Sense Education, aiEDU, and Professors Ethan and Lilach Mollick—be your trusted partners as we navigate this exciting learning journey together! What is generative AI and how does it work? What are some best practices for teaching and learning with generative AI? This course-in-progress answers those questions and many more. Welcome!

Montana’s public virtual school releases guidebook to help educators incorporate AI

As educators grapple with the proliferation of artificial intelligence and the ways it’s changing how students learn, the guide tries to help them leverage the potential benefits of the technology while also safeguarding against some of the risks it brings.

Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition sets up shop in Bozeman

A nonprofit working to assist innovators attempting to acquire coveted Department of Defense contracts has set up shop in partnership with MSU’s Montana Manufacturing Extension Center.

BUSINESS BRIEF: Another Milestone for the Headwaters Tech Hub

The Headwaters Tech Hub is a unique coalition that is centered around business, academia and government—all working together to put together an application that demonstrates how well – we as Montanan’s work together toward a common goal.  If awarded this grant, Montana and the larger region, will become a gravitational center for global businesses looking to apply the technologies of sensors and photonics to their specific needs and opportunities. 

Montana State University working with Fort Peck on $5M buffalo restoration grant

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation awarded the four-year grant with funding from the America the Beautiful Challenge. Fort Peck Community College, Defenders of Wildlife and Montana State University are the other collaborators on the grant.