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Final Report: Montana’s Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED)

The WIRED initiative in Montana has come to a conclusion. The full $15 million was utilized and resulted in 3,618 individuals completing training, 634 educators prepared and hired for instruction in the alternative energy industry, 101 new curriculums developed, resulting in 1,447 additional students that can be trained annually.

Montana Means Energy, September 2010

Energy Promotion and Development Division, Montana Department of Commerce

Montana’s Economic Development Report Card

As a result of a good economy and sound fiscal management by the Governor,
Montana is one of only two state governments operating "in the black".
(Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, Time Magazine)

Governor and American Pulses Announce Expansion in Montana

“This kind of agriculture value-adding investment is a win-win for Montana,” said Governor Schweitzer. “Producers benefit from being able to diversify their crops and have a local buyer for them and in return, American Pulses is able to showcase Montana grown products all over the world.”

Montana’s Energy Development Under Governor Schweitzer

Since July of 2007, the creation of the Energy Promotion and Development Office in the Department of Commerce

Summer 2010 Montana Department of Commerce Business Resources Division Newsletter

Together, through Governor Brian Schweitzer’s economic vision, Montana’s economic development partners and the valuable resources available to businesses through the Montana Department of Commerce, we will continue to create a climate for economic prosperity in Montana.

Dore Schwinden, Director

Montana Department of Commerce

Montana Technology Innovation Partnership – MTIP Mailer

Paving the Technology Path to Economic Development

The Montana Example by Governor Brian Schweitzer

Montana is making national headlines lately, and for a very proud reason: We are one of only two states in America operating without a deficit.

Rancher’s code fends off deficit – Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

When people from out-of-state ask me why Montana is doing so well, I say it’s because we’re running government like a ranch.

Governor Schweitzer Says ‘Montana in the Black’ – Expect Balanced Budget with No Tax Increases

“We are doing more with less,” Schweitzer said.