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Lincoln’s Hi Country Snack Foods Doing Montana proud

"It’s hard to compete in a world, he said, when employee statistics show that one out of every 123 employees in the United States, works for Wal-Mart."

Montana World Trade Center program opens global market to Montana firms

Montana businesses now have an inside line on economic opportunities in the global market, thanks to an agreement forged by the Montana World Trade Center. By BETSY COHEN of the Missoulian The center, which is…

State alleges fraud by Kalispell businessman David Tacke of Venue Tech Systems, Binocs Manufacturing and Tekware Solutions

Betsy Griffing, chief legal counsel for the state auditor’s office, said any firm wishing to offer or sell securities in Montana must do two things. "First, they have to register the securities. That gives us an opportunity to review the note, its terms, and what type of disclosure is being made," Griffing said. The people who sell securities also have to be licensed and registered, Griffing said. They have to pass tests to ensure that they’re knowledgeable and competent."

Web entrepreneur, Richard Gianforte, following father’s footsteps

The 13-year-old is the founder of a new Web-based business called With the help of his dad, Greg Gianforte, founder and CEO of RightNow Technologies, Richard created the site that offers a free service…

Local (Great Falls) jewelry store owner emphasizes commitment to customers, networking

Business owners enjoying some degree of success often become complacent, believing that their business somehow ‘owes’ them something. By ERIC BORGGARD For The Tribune Or so says Claire Baiz, the owner and president of Great…

AT&T Government Solutions Addresses Health Alert Network Challenge With Invizeon’s CHAIN(TM) (Missoula, MT) and AT&T Mobile Network(TM)

Invizeon Corporation and AT&T Government Solutions Join Forces to Address Urgent Communication and Notification Needs of the States’ Health Emergency Preparedness Community – Invizeon Corporation (Missoula) and AT&T Government Solutions announced today that…

The Myths of Montana by John Lawton- City Manager, Great Falls

This is an essay on some of the myths that Montanans have about themselves. Myths are stories that spring from the human psyche to help us explain what might otherwise be unexplainable. In other words,…

Montana gets mixed bag in tax study-among the worst for how adequately it gathers the funds it needs.

"Montana estimates that for the average week-long tourist visit, it collects $34 in taxes," the report stated. "Wyoming collects $122, and Utah $239."
”Everybody’s in crisis management right now, needing to do something,” says the NGA’s Ray Scheppach. “If we ever have an opportunity in the next eight years, that time is now.”

Triggering a Backlash-State officials run political risks if they break 30-year-old promises to prevent severe ecological damage.

"Even so, Younkin’s close call signals that elected officials risk a backlash if they’re perceived as breaking promises that governments made 30 years ago to do everything they possibly could to protect public health and prevent senseless ecological damage."

Travel Montana- Montana Department of Commerce, Montana Promotion Division- News From the Front

The session is off and running! We know one of the major issues of this legislative session is the projected $232 million budget deficit. The global amendment to HB-2 will revert all agency base budgets…