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Silicon Valley Bank offers new tool to value biotech startups

Unknown factors such as timing, amount, price and terms of future rounds of financing make valuations something of a guessing game.

McLaughlin Research Institute Receives $2 Million Biomedical Research Grant from the Montana Department of Commerce

“The McLaughlin Research Institute is a world class facility, doing cutting edge research right in our own back yard,” said Governor Brian Schweitzer. “This grant is an investment in Montana’s future doctors and scientists, and research that has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of serious disease.”

GlaxoSmithKline opens $137 million facility expansion in Hamilton, Montana

“This signifies a large jump in economic development for not just the Bitterroot Valley, but for Montana as well,” Schweitzer said. “This facility is helping to keep Montana’s best and brightest in Montana. I want to thank GSK for choosing the Bitterroot Valley, as they have shown nothing but support for not only for the local community, but for the entire state as well.”

“Leaving The Ivory Tower – From Lab To Wall Street”, 10/22, University Of Montana – Missoula

“Given that I am at the crossroads of biomedical academic research and the capital markets, I think my presentation will add an interesting dimension and new outlook for many scientists, teachers, researchers, administrators and students,” Jasuja said.

Stanford researcher defends stem cell work in Hamilton, Montana lecture

“They’re perfectly right to have that opinion,” Weissman said. “They’re not right to impose it on the rest of us.”

LigoCyte, Biogen Idec to jointly develop anti-inflammatory treatment

LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals Inc said it and biotechnology group Biogen Idec Inc have agreed to jointly develop anti-inflammatory drugs.

"Global Infectious Disease, Environment And Human Health", 9/29, Big Sky, Montana

The talk is being given in conjunction with the second annual Northern Rocky Mountain Conference on Infectious Disease and Environmental Health co-sponsored by the INBRE and COBRE programs at Montana State University.

“Stem Cell Research: Daring To Dream” Dr. Irving Weissman, 9/18, Hamilton, MT

Weissman is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in the fields of immunology, developmental biology and stem cells.

Montana Department of Commerce to Provide $2 Million for Bio-Medical Research

"Montana has unlimited research opportunities," said Governor Brian
Schweitzer. "We have groundbreaking research taking place every day
across Montana. This funding will foster continued development in our
growing technology sector and allow Montana to remain competitive in the
world of bio-research."

Rocky Mountain Laboratories research leads to a potential STD vaccine

Research by scientists at RML has recently been honored and recognized by an international biotechnology industry.