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The Montana BioScience Alliance – Montana researchers make discoveries used in new products

The alliance connects people involved in diverse areas within a geographically large state and links the state to the rest of the country. Its 70 members include public universities, hospitals, research centers and private companies. "We want to keep research and development in Montana where people want to live and there’s a good quality of life."

Invest Northwest CEO And Investor Forum, 3/17-18, Seattle, WA – LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Bozeman, Montana based private, biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative vaccine products
based on the company’s proprietary virus-like particle platform technology.

News from Montana BioScience Alliance

Happiest of holidays to our members and friends! Here’s to a prosperous 2009.

Study: It pays for biomedical researchers to know their congressman

And from 1981 to 2003, having one Congressman on the NIH appropriations committee bumped research funding for a state’s biomedical researchers about 6%.

Rocky Mountain Laboratories Neighborhood Update

Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML)
is committed to keeping
neighborhood residents and
interested parties informed about
RML activities.

Creating Leaders for Science-Based Businesses

We don’t really know as much about how to manage research or value it, especially when it has long time horizons.
—Kent Bowen

Montana BioScience Alliance Newsletter

The new 2008 Montana BioScience Alliance directories were unveiled at the conference and were well received.

Competing for biotechs’ attention

States, nations chase prospect of high-paying jobs, revenue

The Montana BioScience Alliance Conference, 7/15-16, Missoula, Montana

“The Art of Attracting Investors and Strategic Partners”

Sen. Baucus – 250 Jobs for Hamilton, Montana – New Grant For Business Incubator In The Bioscience Industry

While hosting his New Frontiers research conference in Bozeman today, Sen. Baucus joined Assistant U.S. Secretary of Commerce Sandy Baruah in announcing the $1.6 million grant. Baruah heads the Economic Development Administration, which awarded the grant at Baucus’ request.