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How to bet and win on biosciences … outside established hubs

For municipalities looking to stoke an innovation ecosystem, an anchor industry can provide the needed spark. One of the best anchor-industry bets around is biosciences.

Rocky Mountain Labs research team discovery could help in testing for new Lyme disease vaccines

The research team’s findings could be used to eventually help verify the effectiveness of any new vaccine for the disease.

Missoula-based Inimmune Corporation receives funds for cutting edge infectious disease research and novel immunotherapeutic treatments

The six-month grant will fund early discovery research efforts at Inimmune to develop new immunotherapy drugs for treating and preventing upper respiratory tract infections, including influenza.

Montana’s Golden Helix – Digitizing the Biotech Industry

We provide a complete end-to-end solution for clinical labs and hospitals to analyze Next-Generation Sequencing data.

Bioscience Economic Development Trends of 2015-2016

The bioscience’s need for a stable and supportive public policy framework is vital to industry firms large and small.

New Law Likely to Prompt Boom in Biotech Research, Funding

The new law earmarks $6.3 billion for biomedical research and other programs, and clears the way for the Food and Drug Administration to require less data for drug approvals if the drug is already approved...

Butte’s BioScience Laboratories gives public a peek inside

Kapperud said BioScience isn’t conducting any weird experiments involving Frankenstein.

New Biotech Company Inimmune Formed at University of Montana’s MonTEC Business Incubator

"As Montana’s economy grows and diversifies, getting research breakthroughs to market quickly propels new innovations, new businesses and more technical, high-paying jobs for Montana," Governor Bullock said.

Thinking of crowdfunding your science? Study suggests some tips

Scientists have tried to tap internet donors, too, with mixed success. Scientists raising funds for the world’s first imaging study of the brain on LSD raised more than $65,000 earlier this year, more than twice...

Bozeman Takeda branch involved with push for Zika vaccine

Takeda, based in Osaka, Japan, bought the Bozeman company LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals in 2012. It said last year it was closing the Bozeman site and others as part of a two-year effort to consolidate its vaccine...

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