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Montana Career Opportunities – Installation Technicians and Sales Representatives – Missoula Valley Internet Co-op

Do you want to help grow Missoula’s first and only community-powered internet provider? We small but growing organization with a rapidly expanding community network striving to meet the ever growing demand for fast, affordable, broadband…

In Missoula, Montana, a Wireless Mesh Network Builds Community and Connections

The community-owned option has injected some welcome competition to a stagnant local broadband market, with a second network already in the planning stages in a community to the north.

Invest in the Future of Broadband in Montana on the new Montana-focused platform Crowdfund Montana!!

We are proud to announce, after 6 months of preparation of work with Crowdfund Mainstreet and the Center for Community Ownership, that we are the first company to lunch our investor crowdfunding campaign on the new Montana-focused platform Crowdfund Montana!

New Official Site For The Missoula Valley Internet Co-op!

We’ve chosen to launch this website now in preparation for our pending network scale out that will be beginning in the next 30–45 days. Our current coverage area, as well as phase 1 of our network scale out can be viewed on the coverage map page on our website.

The Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance, a Missoula-based nonprofit co-op is bringing high-speed internet service to Lake County

They have developed a successful network of this type in the Grant Creek area north of Missoula, proving the system can offer at least 100 mbps for both upload and download speeds affordably. They will soon expand that system as far as Hamilton, Frenchtown and Bonner.

The Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance Joins the EFA!

Key ways in which our organization works towards the goals and ends that the EFA fights for:
Closing the digital divide:

Does America Want to Invest in Broadband?

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A Relay is Born: the Missoula Valley Internet Co-op Grows One Radio Link at a Time

As we’ve discussed in prior articles, and in our previous community call, the success of this community owned and operated network that we are building hinges upon two things:

Local Franchising, Big Cities, and Fiber Broadband

If states want more private fiber to be expanded in their big cities, it appears clear that allowing cities to negotiate on their own behalf is one powerful option that needs to be restored.

Recording of the Missoula Valley Internet Co-op Community (Grant Creek in Missoula) Call

During this call we discussed the progress we have made in our service area build out, specifically regarding our first initiative of connecting the north Grant Creek area.