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MAPS video on Logger Days wins first prize at film festival

Hallahan and Campbell are students at the MAPS Media Institute in Hamilton. This is MAPS’ first summer of programming and classes in design, film, music, technology and entrepreneur are being taught, June 15 to Aug. 21. To register, visit their website

Here’s your personal invitation to join the MAPS Media Institute this summer.

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MAPS set to hold annual film festival in Hamilton Saturday – 5/16

The Media Arts Festival is a free showcase of the diverse talents of MAPS students working in film, music production, motion graphics, video game design, digital photography and illustration.

Two MAPS films nominated Arts and Entertainment awards

"We’re proud to support programs like MAPS which give Montana’s kids access to an industry that has a big future in Montana," said Deny Staggs, Montana’s film commissioner.

Media Arts in the Public Schools (MAPS) Montana Student Media Program Nominated for Regional Awards

Led by MAPS mentor Christian Ackerman, Wyatt Campbell, Cameron Smith, and Caleb Hallahan have been nominated for their projects "Darby Rodeo" and "Logger Days." Both events, hosted in Darby, Mont., provided access for the MAPS students to produce, film, and edit the short pieces for submission.

Hamilton-based MAPS after school media arts program wants to take classes on the road – Kickstarter Campaign

It offers students from 8th to 12th grade, classes free of charge, in music, film making, and graphic design. Recently, it started an entrepreneur class, teaching kids business skills.

Kickstarter Campaign – The MAPS Mobile: Media on the Move To Montana’s Future Leaders

Please check it out, and PLEASE SHARE. Together we can bring MAPS across Montana!

MAPS Mobile: Entrepreneurship class working to fund van for new state-wide venture

"I’ve felt so blessed to have attended MAPS for the last four years," said Wyatt Campbell, a Darby senior. "I want everyone else in Montana to be able to share that experience."

The Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce Honors MAPS Media Founder Peter Rosten As Business Person of the Year

The MAPS MEDIA INSTITUTE empowers young minds through creativity, communication skills, confidence and inspiration. In 2014, we were honored as one of the "Top 50" after-school programs in the U.S. by the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Ravalli County declares April 16 ‘MAPS Day’

MAPS is a free afterschool program available to all students, grades 8-12, and is not funded by taxes. It is a 32-week program that runs with the school year and expanding to include a 10-week summer program.