MAPS : Media Arts in the Public Schools

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Peter Rosten asks Montana legislative committee for Media Arts In Public Schools (MAPS) funding

“Our expansion is a stimulus, an economic stimulus that will create jobs,” Rosten said. “We’re trying to do something unorthodox: we’re combining education with the economic. This is education that can create revenue and we can create a public-private partnership and can redefine, reinvigorate, and renew how that partnership works.”

Retired Hollywood producer seeks support (House Bill 385) for Montana program – Media Arts in the Public Schools

A retired Hollywood producer who took a break from the school film instruction he established in the Bitterroot Valley is preparing to resume that work, and expand it throughout Montana.

With eyes on Legislature, Media Arts in the Public Schools Media Institute (MAPS) recruits noted Montana journalist, Ian Marquand

“Montana needs economic development,” Rosten said, pointing to the long-term potential of media industry work as a source. “We should encourage growing a media savvy workforce and MAPS is an example of what has been done in the past and what can be done in the future, which is to train a well-educated workforce.”

MAPS (Media Arts in Public Schools) program of Montana seeks state funding

Peter Rosten also thinks that expansive digital marketplace can foster growth for the economy of Ravalli County.

“MAPS (Media Arts In The Public Schools) Mini Film Festival” – Admission Free- 10/18, Hamilton, Montana

Home The MAPS Media Institute is committed to providing a rigorous, hands-on program designed to instill a lifelong passion for learning and to equip students with the skills and confidence for academic, social and professional…

Senators Baucus and Tester announce grant for Hamilton-based education program – Media Arts in the Public Schools (MAPS)

“The grant is our seed money,” said Peter Rosten, a former entertainment industry writer, producer and executive who founded the Media Arts in the Public Schools , or MAPS, program at Corvallis High School.

Media Arts In The Public Schools (MAPS) Says Thanks With Free Concert, 8/22, Hamilton, Montana

When many folks retire they are content to putter around, travel and generally take it easy.

Not Peter Rosten.

MAPS Program Grows into Business

MAPS was created in 2004 by the Florence Prever Rosten Foundation “to educate, create jobs and change lives for Montana youth.”

Retired Hollywood producer, Peter Rosten to recast Montana film instruction – Media Arts in the Public Schools (MAPS)

Rosten established a successful program called Media Arts in the Public Schools, or MAPS. Teenagers have learned how to direct and film movies, public service announcements and music videos. And they’ve been paid.

MAPS: Media Arts in the Public Schools & Corvallis High School Receives Best Buy Teach Award

“Our Montana MAPS students are amazing. And a special thanks to the administrators at Corvallis High School – without them none of this would have been possible,” said MAPS President, Peter Rosten.