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Media Arts In The Public Schools (MAPS) Says Thanks With Free Concert, 8/22, Hamilton, Montana

When many folks retire they are content to putter around, travel and generally take it easy.

Not Peter Rosten.

MAPS Program Grows into Business

MAPS was created in 2004 by the Florence Prever Rosten Foundation “to educate, create jobs and change lives for Montana youth.”

Retired Hollywood producer, Peter Rosten to recast Montana film instruction – Media Arts in the Public Schools (MAPS)

Rosten established a successful program called Media Arts in the Public Schools, or MAPS. Teenagers have learned how to direct and film movies, public service announcements and music videos. And they’ve been paid.

MAPS: Media Arts in the Public Schools & Corvallis High School Receives Best Buy Teach Award

“Our Montana MAPS students are amazing. And a special thanks to the administrators at Corvallis High School – without them none of this would have been possible,” said MAPS President, Peter Rosten.

Media Arts in the Public Schools wins 2007 Award of Excellence in New Communications

MAPS’ program goal and objective is to educate and create quality jobs for youth. To achieve this goal they encourage and develop a student’s creative voice, communication ability and confidence. And by combining these skills with character building tools – teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving – they are able to deliver a measurable return on human and capital investment.

Peter Rosten, founder of Media Arts in the Public Schools (MAPS) announces bid for Legislature

Rosten said a major reason why he decided to run was because of the students involved with MAPS.

MAPS delivers national television and radio campaign

The client, Washington D.C. based The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, will purchase air time starting December, 2007. Airing in 38 states, the ads promote NASFAA’S “College Goal Sunday”

Hollywood may soon see an influx of film scripts from young, talented and bright writers from Corvallis High School thanks to MAPS

“It’s just really a cool thing to be able to give these kids the opportunity to express themselves in an honest, forthright way,” Rosten said. “We simply couldn’t have done this without the support and help from the administration.”

The Centers for Disease Control buys rights to Darby, Montana teenagers’ anti-smoking announcements. Media Arts in the Public Schools

MAPS founder Peter Rosten says the Darby teens also produced a documentary that shows the consequences of smoking through the eyes of terminally ill tobacco users. He says DVDs of the video have been requested by health departments and schools across the country.

MAPS: Media Arts in the Public Schools is now in five new Montana communities. The new programs need your support.

Our mission is to educate, train and create quality jobs for youth. FYI – our public school program is cash-flow positive and profitable and our ROI in human capital is proven. Our goal at all the clubs including Wolf Point is to create student owned profitable businesses by year three. Note: we have secured $21,000 of our $42,000 budget – a hometown helper grant would help immensely.
Paying for these programs is an ongoing effort and now you can help.

(and it will only take a minute of your time.)