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“2010 MAPS MOVIES PREMIERE” 3/27, Corvallis, Montana

On Saturday, March 27th at noon, MAPS will host a premiere of its 2010 student films at the Pharaohplex Theaters in Corvallis. Admission is free – young and old alike are invited to attend.

Premiere Of 2010 New Media Arts In The Public Schools (MAPS) Student Films, 3/27, Corvallis, Montana

Two comedic/dramas produced and directed by our Hamilton, Corvallis, Victor and Darby high school filmmakers. And a documentary by the MAPs adult class.

The MAPS Media Institute is opening doors for filmmaking students in the Bitterroot Valley

Whether it’s a high school student, a continuing ed adult, or a member of Trapper Creek Job Corps, Rosten said the philosophy at MAPS is to get each student involved in all aspects of filmmaking.

Media Arts in the Public Schools (MAPS) and Trapper Creek Job Corp Team Up to Teach Film Making to At Risk Youth

When I first heard about this opportunity I was so excited to be apart of it. Things like this don’t come along every day."

Rachel Toupin

MAPS Media Institute to celebrate the life of former student Jake Rowley

On Saturday at Westview (from 4-7 p.m.), Rosten and the MAPS family will celebrate Rowley and inaugurate MAPS’ Jake Rowley Memorial Scholarship.

Media Arts in the Public Schools (MAPS) begins production in Hamilton, Montana

The MAPS Media Institute, the major funding for which comes from the 21st Century Learning Center out of Helena, also offers classes in documentary and journalistic production and Web design and has professional facilities and equipment for each discipline.

Hollywood Stars Come Out for Ravalli County Students – MAPS Media Institute

“If our guest lecturers can convince one student that he or she has a shot, our goal has been achieved.” Peter Rosten

Lights, camera, education – MAPS Media Institute’s new after school program in Ravalli County, Montana

“It’s all state of the art,” Rosten said. “In the past we were always scrambling for gear. This year, with the support of the 21st Century grant and some other foundations, were able to start with state of the art equipment. And that will make a big difference in the experience of our students.”

MAPS Media Institute shifts into high gear in Montana

“Our big idea is to create a media production
company that not only builds communication
skills, but builds valuable job skills
too,” he adds. “It’s one thing to send a kid
from Montana into the world. It’s another
thing to bring the world to us.”

MAPS (Media Arts in the Public Schools) secures five years of funding

“This is a big deal – it guarantees that we open our doors this fall,” Rosten said of the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant focused on providing non-school-hours educational outlets for high school aged kids.