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Heather Knutson-Walter Joins Mission West Community Development Partners as Executive Director

A welcome reception for Heather Knutson-Walter will be held at Mission West’s 407 Main Street S.W. facility in Ronan at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday August 3rd .

Great Falls Economic Development Top 10 for 7-24-22

With our partners from the Montana Department of Commerce and the Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, GFDA hosted a visit from an exciting Aerospace company looking for big skies of opportunity. This company has unique needs, which may be best served by partnerships in multiple Montana cities.

Beyond books: The 21st century public library – CBS Sunday Morning

No shushing here! The modern library is more than just a repository of books. Correspondent Conor Knighton checks out how today’s libraries are public spaces designed to foster connections while keeping pace with technology and the needs of the community.

Montana Senator Jon Tester Pushes for Solutions to Housing Shortages in Montana & Rural America

Doing the right thing here is important. We don’t want to exacerbate the problem; we want to make it better…Could you give me a little insight into what should be in the long-term plan that would actually result in more houses on the market?” 

Big Sky Economic Development Website Undergoes Creative Refresh

Big Sky Economic Development’s website underwent a creative refresh this past year! This refresh will now allow website users to easily navigate through the site to find exactly what they are looking for. This website refresh was built out by AD Creative

Meet the state delegates for the inaugural Western Governors’ Leadership Institute 

The Western Governors’ Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Western Governors’ Association, will host 21 western students from 14 states and tribes at the inaugural Western Governors’ Leadership Institute on July 25.

Biden administration urges Montana Governor Greg Gianforte to push broadband assistance program

Vice President Kamala Harris wrote a letter to Gov. Greg Gianforte this week saying as many as 151,000 Montana households are still eligible for discounted internet service.

Today’s TED Talk – How schools can nurture every student’s genius

Forget home economics and standardized tests, education visionary Trish Millines Dziko has a much more engaging and fulfilling way for students to develop real-world skills. Get schooled by Dziko as she shares how project-based learning can transform public education and unlock genius for the next generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, ideators and leaders.

7 reasons why emotional leaders are the future

Emotional, sensitive, intuitive leaders will be vital to any organization that hopes to achieve success in the next decade.

Inner Peace — Be Cool, Calm, and Collected

If you’re yearning for peace of mind, give these 15 guideposts some serious thought: