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Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein Applied the Concept of ‘No Time’ to Boost Their Creativity. What Does It Entail?

According to neuroscience, taking a break from our busy schedules and devoting some time to doing absolutely nothing is key to fostering creativity.

Leadership in Turbulent Times: Series begins 4/13 – 9AM – Online

This 6 session course offers interactive virtual Zoom sessions focused on how to address common challenges and continue to make a strong leadership contribution.

Prospera 35th Annual Awards Celebration – We’re All in This Together – Celebrate our extraordinary community members! – 4/20 – 11AM

Join us In-Person or Virtually!

“Indigenous Vision” aims to revitalize Indigenous communities

Souta Calling Last was raised in Heart Butte and has relatives on the Blackfeet Reservation and in Canada. She started Indigenous Vision four years ago with the goal of bringing hard-to-access information and resources together for tribal leaders and members, but says she has collected stories her entire life.

Montana Western University’s ‘Experience One’ Experiential Learning Prepares Students With Real World Projects

The bottom-line is students have an advantage as they enter the workforce or continue on with graduate studies because their portfolio will already contain real-world educational experiences and projects. These projects often help the community at the same time by providing key services and contributing to ongoing research studies.

Missoula County inks contract for energy audit in pursuit of carbon neutrality

With parallel goals of addressing the climate crisis and reducing carbon emissions, the city and county of Missoula, along with the cities of Bozeman and Helena, formally adopted a joint agreement last month to work with NorthWestern Energy on developing a green tariff.

Getting Attention Without Doing a Tap Dance on Their Desk – 3/3 –

This week we will go through networking, advertising and selling your business and products.

Lead Your Team More Effectively! 3 Leadership Trainings from Prospera

Coach Approach Training: 3/4 Learn the strategies to lead teams with more confidence and courage! Instructor Karen Lum brings extensive experience in high-end guest and client service in a variety of industries, as well as…

Montana-based Snowbird Fund to boost search for missing Indigenous people

We’re keenly aware that some of our neighbors are treated differently, invisible and left behind altogether. We believe that this big, beautiful state can — and should — do better.

Women striving forward amid pandemic, but still need support – Pursue Your Passions at the University of Montana

The Pursue Your Passions program builds educational, experimental and entrepreneurial programs for Montana women to create more equitable, prosperous and collaborative futures for all.