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How a New CEO Re-energized Intuit

"One of the most powerful tools leaders have is the questions they ask." Leaders are paid to make decisions. Everybody gets a voice, but leaders make the decisions.
— Steve Bennett

Want to Lead Better? It’s Simple

"Given just minutes, good leaders can affect how we think, what we decide, and, ultimately, what we create."

It’s all about leadership – COMMENTARY: Women at top see power differently

Women, Fenner said, seem to recoil from the aggressive, in-your-face connotation of "power." They prefer "leadership."

Grassroots Leadership: U.S. Military Academy – "You can’t lead without making sacrifices." — Cadet Randy Hopper, U.S. Military Academy

"This is the underlying theory," says Mark Stabile, ’90, a senior partner at Greencastle Associates Consulting. "If you give people responsibility early, give them the opportunity to go out and do things, they’ll go out and do them."

Leadership Kansas

An Affiliate of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry * Leadership Kansas was founded in 1978 by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) to help identify and enhance the future leaders for…

Leadership Minnesota

Leadership Minnesota is an exclusive program for business leaders across the state. Join 30 other participants in this dynamic leadership series. ********** Leadership Montana is starting. Will you be part of the solution? Please visit…

Keep Your Big Head in Check

Too many leaders let power go to their heads. A social psychologist explains how to keep your feet on the ground in this excerpt from Harvard Business Review.

MSU Leadership Institute Builds Video and Website Library

A goal of the Institute is to have a diverse and easily accessible archive for current, timely leadership theories.

Developing midlevel execs often overlooked

"Our financial analysis shows companies that are better led are more profitable,"

CEOs at best firms came from within, survey finds

"The No. 1 lesson is to take this leadership training very seriously," he said. "It’s no longer something you can relegate to human resources. CEOs have to be involved in grooming talent because that’s going to be core to how the company is going to be competitive."