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Boise drops from first to fourth place in Forbes’ annual Best Places for Business and Careers list

Boise got similar news last week when Inc. reported that the community had slipped to 48th from second last year in that magazine’s revamped "Boomtowns «06" survey.

Idaho Office of Science & Technology May 2006

2006 Legislative Session Best Ever For Idaho Technology Sector

The Buck Stopped Here. How Buck Knives got on the road and found happiness in Post Falls, Idaho

If it’s true that geography is destiny, then Buck’s voyage demonstrates that you can shape your destiny if you’re willing to redraw your geography.

HyperSpace gets funding to try to keep stock listing

The company that owns MPC Computers in Nampa is appealing to keep its spot on the American Stock Exchange Thursday, armed with a $5 million vote of confidence from current investors and plans to raise $25 million more.

Inc. editor ranks Boise’s ECCO as ‘Small Giant’

"It’s the business equivalent of charisma," he said. "It’s a feeling of ‘us, too.’ You want to be associated with a business like that. You want to work for it, ware its t-shirts, ware its hats."

200 to lose jobs at Meridian, Idaho Bushnell Outdoor Products plant for gun accessories

"Fortunately, our current economy will offer lots of hope for these people," Smith said. "Companies are expanding throughout the state, and the Ada County unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 2.7 percent, which means area businesses are looking for good employees with transferable skills."

Idaho hopes to hit silver screen. New law gives 5 percent tax rebate to production companies for hiring locals

To qualify, a production company must make a minimum investment in Idaho of $200,000 or more over a three-year period.

Coeur d’Alene upbeat about 26 new professional/technical training programs at North Idaho College

Burke said professional/technical programs are the top priority for NIC, which leads the state in the rate of growth of those programs in spite of receiving no state funding.

Idaho Office of Science & Technology April 2006

"We Create Jobs, Strengthen Communities and Market Idaho."

Idaho Aims To Increase Its Business Supports

Roger Madsen, director, Idaho Commerce & Labor, says these improvements and existing incentives will give Idaho an advantage over other states competing for expansion opportunities.