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Idaho Hits Tourism Grand Slam

When asked how the Trail affected business, our server said the restaurant experienced a “phenomenal” increase when the Trail opened. I’m sure you’d hear similar stories from hospitality businesses all along the Trail.

Filmmakers eye sweet tax breaks in Idaho – Napoleon Dynamite put Idaho on the radar

Gov. Kempthorne long has been a supporter of tax incentives for business, especially if the tax breaks cause money to be spent in Idaho that wouldn’t otherwise be spent.

Hilex Poly makes it official – Jerome, ID company sees rapid growth

"When we were looking for a new site, we never thought we’d end up in the state of Idaho," Hilex Chairman Leon Farahnik said. "When we came here people welcomed us with open arms. It has been a great decision."

Best-laid growth plans often just gather dust

An Idaho Statesman review of Treasure Valley plans from recent decades reveals that five common pitfalls often keep plans from succeeding: a lack of money to make them work; no mechanism for enforcement of recommendations; changes in leadership and visions; incorrect or bad data; and vague or unrealistic goals.

Idaho summit tackles taxes

The annual confab between chamber members from the five northern counties, legislators and representatives from education drew about 50 to share their goals for the 2006 session of the Idaho Legislature.

Montana timber tycoon developer (The Yellowstone Club) Tim Blixseth, now owns chunk of Idaho – Round Valley neighbors unhappy with clearcutting

Tim Blixseth, the new owner of 180,000 acres of Idaho timberland, says he wants to be a good neighbor.

Dalai Lama tells Idaho business leaders to have a heart

Monday’s event was meant to encourage the powerful to incorporate compassion into how they conduct their business and public lives.

Boise Booms! – Boise’s Rivers of Opportunity

“We’ve always benefited from a great workforce, excellent health care, a reasonable cost of living, a very welcoming population and a strong business tradition,” Oppenheimer said. “We also have a legacy of strong public and private cooperation. I believe those factors will continue to propel our future growth while preserving our many advantages.”

Idaho Business groups pull together

Making sure there’s never a dull moment in the Kootenai County business community, the Northwest Women in Business, Northwest Women in Real Estate and Northwest Men in Business networking groups are coming together to hold a business and trade fair similar to, but smaller than, the spring event held by the Coeur d’Alene Area Chamber of Commerce.

Boise Idaho group hopes to bring jobs to Valley

The goal is to replace jobs that were lost when area businesses like Zilog, Jabil Circuits, Simplot Meat Packing and Eddy’s Bakery closed their local operations in recent years.