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Montan Pension Systems May Try Hedge Funds. As boomers begin to retire, managers need high returns

"That’s what (they) indicated we needed to make our 8 percent return," said Carroll South, executive director of the board, which oversees investing for all state funds, including nine pension funds. "Over the last 12 years, we have slightly beaten the 8 percent requirement. But no one expects the public-equity market to return what it has going forward."

Governor, what’s in your wallet? Montana receives ‘F’ in disclosure

“As the top elected official in each state, governors sign legislation into law, recommend and approve state budgets and have wide-ranging powers to appoint department and agency heads and fill board and commission positions,’’ Leah Rush, the center’s states projects director, said in a press release. “Requiring them to disclose their private financial ties could reveal possible conflict of interest.’’

The magic of Denver’s Mayor Hickenlooper

"In the restaurant business, we spend our whole lives trying never to have an enemy," he said. "You’ll do anything – even to the point of going above and beyond what you think is fair – to make sure that relationship continues in a positive way. It always struck me that that was a more useful paradigm in politics."

Running A Better Public Meeting

If public participation is a goal, local government should work harder to make public hearings more user-friendly.

Montana takes lead in revolt against Real ID

“Montanans don’t want the federal agents listening to their phone conversations, rifling through their papers, checking on what books they read and monitoring where they go and when. We think they ought to mind their own business.” Gov. Brian Schweitzer

Polling the Populace

Citizen surveys are an increasingly popular tool for soliciting feedback on policies, programs and priorities.

Wyoming hires new information officer – Robert von Wolffradt

Freudenthal’s office said von Wolffradt, 50, will be responsible for developing a technological roadmap for the executive branch. Von Wolffradt has served as director of information services for Snohomish County in Washington State for the past five years and has previous experience in the private sector.

The Montana Board of Investments, Helena, hires five managers

The Montana Board of Investments, Helena, hired five managers to run active domestic equity portfolios, pending contract negotiations, confirmed Carroll South, executive director.

Communications Director, Todd Shriber (who became an Internet joke) to Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg Fired After Soliciting Help to Inflate College Marks

"This was out of character for him. But at the end of the day, he just wasn’t exhibiting the kind of veracity that we need and demand out of our employees."
Erik Iverson,
chief of staff for Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont.

Washington state sees results from ‘plain talk’ initiative

Washington state officials want to deploy changes to alleviate state personnel’s employment of acronyms, jargon and legalese that routinely pervade interfaces with constituents. Or, in plain speak: Talk to the public as you would talk to any other person — simply, and in clear language.