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Does Public Information in Montana Need Better Enforcement?

Has the time come to remove the onus for enforcing public information and open meeting laws from the citizen or media complainant and put the burden on government?

Missoula County officials agree to $490,000 settlement with abused and mistreated inmate – Disability Rights Montana

The report, published by Disability Rights Montana, describes a “cascade of events which violated Adele’s rights under Montana’s Constitution, statutes, and multiple jail policies and procedures.”

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer selected chair of Democratic Governors Association (DGA)

"The DGA has never been in a stronger position, and Brian Schweitzer is a dynamic leader who will take the organization to the next level," Manchin said. "Brian has made in-roads in traditionally conservative-leaning areas because he’s honest, practical, and knows how to get results."

Montana’s Justice System Reduces Number of Children in State Care

This year’s data book features an analysis of Montana’s juvenile justice system
and highlights the state’s efforts to reform the juvenile justice system and improve
outcomes for Montana youth entering the system.

Speakers call for state spending transparency by posting their complete budgets on the Internet

"Government spending should not happen in the dark."

A Slow-Motion Train Wreck – States know how to care for the mentally ill. Why aren’t they?

"There are things that happen in the mental health care system you couldn’t imagine happening in the so-called ‘health system’."

Montana budget surplus approaching $1B

The legislative report said that the primary reason for this budget picture is “a strong state economy over the past several years and a significantly stronger than anticipated growth in actual and projected general fund revenue collections (primarily individual, corporate and oil and gas production taxes).”

Missouri Hires First Employee from Second Life

"He came to our job fair as a tiny cat with a red bow tie on and expressed interest. That was followed by an in-person interview," said Ross. "He is a computer engineering graduate from a Missouri college who wanted to stay in the area, so it just seemed to be perfect match for us."

Nebraska ‘safe haven’ law for kids has unintended results

"We really opened a can of worms," he says. "We have a mess."

Brian Schweitzer Eyes the Future. Headlines Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry

(A Fix side note: No politician, we repeat NO politician, just happens to go to Iowa. Every one of them knows that an Iowa trip means the press will float the idea of a presidential run. So, don’t believe them if they say otherwise.)