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Santa Clara Debuts Virtual Web Site

We’ve got something for everyone — consumers, travel trade, meeting planners, and media."

Sea of paperwork: Montana Supreme Court stuck in technological stone age

She’s hoping that the 2005 Legislature will spend $4.8 million to modernize technology for the Supreme Court and the rest of the state’s justice system.

Weather Data for the Masses

Previously, the data was technically available to the public, but in a format that’s not easily deciphered.

Montana Secretary of State Bob Brown Completes Suite of Online Services

"This is an information age and as a proprietary agency that serves the public,
it’s important that we offer our customers what they need in a way that’s
convenient for them," said Brown.

Montana Public Service Commission Begins Audio Webcasts of Meetings

Anyone with a computer and internet access may now listen to the proceedings of
the state Public Service Commission via an audio webcast.

‘Fast’ fix – New GenTax computer system from Fast Enterprises is a winner for Montana Department of Revenue

"The Department of Revenue is long overdue for a win and I’m happy for them. There are some good people there that were just incredibly strained under the old system."

States Seek Emergency Medical Compacts

The alliance would include Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

Helena City officials want input about online services

Local officials want to know what information or services local users might want online and recently launched an "e-government" survey.

Legislative Automated Workflow System (LAWS) Website Available for 2005 Montana Legislative Session

LAWS is an up-to-the-minute database application used for updating and
tracking bill status. The web interface portion of LAWS provides public
access to bill status, bill text, various reports, and other legislative
information. It contains detailed information on all bills and bill drafts
prior to, during, and after the Montana legislative session.

Detailed maps of Gallatin County available online

"It provides the public a resource, whether they just want to go camping or look at land use," Clampitt said. "Anyone can get online and use this data."