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Costly Montana tax computer shut down

"There were lots of mistakes that were made, and it was a very, very expensive lesson."

Study Ranks Over 11,000 Government Websites

Michigan’s Web site achieved a perfect score. Runners-up among the states include Idaho and Indiana.

NASCIO Releases "Profiles of Progress: State Health IT Initiatives"

This compendium provides a state-by-state "snapshot" of progress that each state has made in the health information technology (HIT) implementation process.

A Web strategy for better state government

The District of Columbia has a brilliant new program letting residents create innovative Google Map "mashups" by mining statistics that D.C. now makes publicly available on a real-time basis under its DC Stat initiative. One prods the Department of Public Works to fill potholes quicker by displaying on a Google Map where potholes are located, when they were reported, and what the repair status is. No cost, no government programmers involved — but very effective in stimulating better service!

Techs: High up on Capitol Hill. The 110th Congress could be the most technology-friendly in history.

A year ago this month, after extensive meetings with VCs and entrepreneurs, Pelosi unveiled an "innovation agenda" that called, among other things, for broadband access for all Americans, whether it comes via Wi-Fi, Wi-Max or a fixed line by 2010.

Real World Government Open Source

"When you advertise ‘we do open source’" he said, "you attract innovative people. And staff morale is better. They feel like they are a part of something big and they are the owners of what we do."

In Case of Emergency … Can government leaders confidently say their CIOs have a plan to keep the work force connected and serving the public?

"After a bio-terrorism event, you will likely not be able to access health services Web sites for information due to capacity constraints, yet you will be able to check your Lotto numbers instead." — Anonymous senior IT state official commenting on his state’s inability to prioritize IT services effectively

NASCIO Releases "Keeping Citizen Trust: What Can a State CIO Do to Protect Privacy?"

"Privacy is a particularly daunting challenge for state governments, because citizens have an expectation of openness and transparency.

Thousands Of Government Computers Infected By Bots

Thousands of government computers may be under the control of cybercriminals.

Town of Cary, NC, Delivering Valuable Information With Location Intelligent Web Site

Maps Online , the Town of Cary’s location intelligent Web site, enables current and prospective residents and town officials to get instantaneous and visual access to the local information they need and want in a very efficient manner.