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The mission of the State Information Technology Services Division is to provide standardized, strategic, secure, and state-of-the art information technology to advance the efficiency and delivery of government services to citizens.

Indiana Launches New Business Web site for businesses to market to each other and to state agencies

"Marketing a business can be expensive, and many small businesses depend on referrals and networking for new customers," Kernan said. "The Buy Indiana Web site is a new way for Indiana companies to market themselves to each other and to state government agencies."

States take lead in clean air quest – Wetlands, wildlife damage prompting independent action

States from California to New England are leading the charge to cut toxic emissions of greenhouse gases from power plants, autos, and new building construction, undeterred by federal foot-dragging on the issue.

City of Windom, Minn., to Offer Broadband to Residents and Businesses

Windom will offer digital cable, telephone service and high-speed Internet, carried over a fiber-optic network, to residential and business customers. Residents will also be able to access a single online billing statement for communications, electricity, water and sewer services, saving the city thousands of dollars in processing costs.

Govt. financing needs to abandon rigid top-down bureaucratic control, "steer rather than row," and delegate major authority to their operating divisions, then focus on results.

Instead of starting with the last year’s budget and figuring how to cut 10 percent to 15 percent from agencies’ requests, Locke’s team identified the 10 key results it thought citizens most wanted from state government (improved student achievement, improved food sanitation, better health results, for example).

Travel Web site aids state workers

The state has developed a new Web site to help its employees get business travel deals in response to a legislative audit that concluded agencies were spending too much money, officials said Tuesday.

Louisiana Senator Measures Constituent Opinion through the Internet

A new public opinion pilot is being implemented by Louisiana Senator Mike Michot, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Consumer Affairs and Technology. The "Share Your Opinions" program allows citizens to log on to…

State Computer system ahead of schedule in Montana

Fast Enterprises of Boise has already put Montana’s rental vehicle, accommodations, and cigarette taxes into the new GenTax system. The cigarette tax was finished at the end of March, one month earlier than originally scheduled.

Multnomah County, Oregon, Social Service Application Wins International Prize

Oregon Helps — a multilingual Web-based tool from the Multnomah County, Oregon, Commission on Children, Families and Community — won first prize for e-government applications in the Stockholm Challenge Awards in Sweden earlier…

CTG Tests New Coordination of State and Local Government Information Systems

"When people talk about e-government, they tend to think about ways to improve the way we interact with citizens. But there are tremendous opportunities to improve the way different agencies and levels of government work with each other,"

Oklahoma City Economic Development Information System Receives International Recognition

In two years, the Web site has produced a 99 percent reduction in turnaround time, labor and overall costs associated with the site selection analysis process with $5.8 million in total savings.