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Phone alerts enlist neighbors’ help to find missing kids in Montana

Price said he believes an alert program like A Child Is Missing could have saved lives during his career.

Health Records Of Evacuees Go Online – First trial for national Electronic health records

Although the immediate focus is on urgent care for hurricane victims, participants in the effort say the disaster demonstrates a broader need to computerize individual health records nationwide and make them available throughout the medical system.

State and Federal E-Government in the United States, 2005 – Utah and Maine lead the way. How does your state rank?

Among other things, Montana is the only state that offers a "Submit your Good Ideas" option on its State portal page.

American ITIL – May well become the standard by which all IT operates.

"The combination of ITIL, executive support and a good understanding of technology have really reversed our situation. Our output has gone up at least 300 percent, and our downtime has gone from 200 hours per year to 7.42 hours. I would not attribute all these things to ITIL, but it was certainly part of the overall effort."

Digital Communities Initiative Has Street Smarts

The Digital Communities initiative has the potential, the street smarts and the industry backing to help cities, counties and regions take the next steps beyond "e-government" and "hot zones" and to engage information technology in the task of building the truly connected and prosperous communities we have envisioned.

Open Source Government – Speak, Search, Create

In government circles there is a sore temptation to think too little of information technology. Government tends to view it as a tool to wring more efficiency out of the act of governing. Yet if you’ve ever heard the phrase "doing more with less," you know such efficiency comes at a cost, not the least to the public servants who bear the brunt and who must somehow make it all work.

Information technology is not a magic efficiency wand.

States Expanding Push for Internet Taxes

"Taxes that it was difficult to collect before will now be collected. And consumers will pay that,"

Utah State Legislature’s Web site named nation’s best

The Online Democracy Award was created to recognize a state legislative Web site that stands out for making democracy user-friendly, and it seeks to honor the best use
of the Web by a state legislature, legislative chamber or partisan legislative caucus.

GJXDM National Virtual Help Desk Open for Business

to serve developers in government and industry who are working on implementing the Global Justice XML Data Model

NYC Community Board Member Discusses Wiki, Online Technology, For Local Governance

After 14 years as a board member (Queens Board 3) I’ve concluded 99 percent of all good ideas for improving a community reside with the public.