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Governor Bullock, Montana’s Future Leaders Celebrate Public Access and Conservation

“Introducing students to conservation early, especially in a hands-on way, can instill a lifelong dedication to protecting Montana’s clean air, clean water and our public lands,” Governor Bullock said. “

Governor Bullock Announces $260,000 in Grants to Grow Economic Impact of Film Production in Montana

“Film is a powerful tool for economic development,” Governor Bullock said. “Productions bring jobs to our industry professionals and money to our communities, while the projects themselves live on to share with audiences around the...

Governor Bullock Statement on Anaconda Job Corps Remaining Open

I have no doubt it was the voices of the Anaconda community, folks from all over the state, and the workers and students who protected this critical rural training center.

Governor Bullock Announces Montana in Highest Ranking Group Among States Most Likely to Manage a Recession

“I’m pleased we were able to come together in this last legislative session to craft a budget that is not only balanced and funds the services Montanans expect, but also leaves money in the bank...

Montana Governor Steve Bullock talks jobs at National Governors Association conference in Whitefish, Montana

“Here in Montana, and in a lot of the 32 states that are here, what we see is that we’ve got to train people to get them credentials along the way, and the federal government...

Governor Bullock Announces Economic Development Grants to Help Businesses Create Nearly 200 Jobs

“When our businesses thrive, our communities and the hard-working Montanans who live and work there have new opportunities to grow as well,” said Governor Bullock.

Steve Bullock On Why He’s Running For President

As far as what others will be saying in the large field, you know, the best that I can do is say, here’s why I’m doing it, here’s what I believe that we can do,...

‘Being Governor Ain’t What It Used to Be’: How Their Road to the White House Became an Uphill Climb

As an unofficial candidate, Bullock has been touting his success in winning office in a rural state and getting bills passed by a Republican legislature.

Gov. Bullock vetoes bill creating tax abatement for new high-speed broadband

Bullock said Wednesday that most of the tax abatements would go to “large, multistate corporations deploying fiber-optic and coaxial cable in cities.”

Montana Governor Bullock Signs Bill Inspired By Havre Small Business Owner & Sponsored By Havre Legislator

“This certainly has been one of my favorite bills to work on,” Bachmeier, a Havre Democrat, said shortly after Bullock signed the measure.

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