Gov. Steve Bullock

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Governor Bullock interview on Wake up Montana Weekend

“We want to take every step we can to get ahead of this.”  Gov. Steve Bullock

Take a hike? Hit the liquor store? What’s OK and not under Montana’s shelter-in-place order

Here’s a rundown of what’s in the directive:

Out West Podcasts- The Western Governors’ Reimagining the Rural West Initiative

Each episode highlights different aspects of the Initiative, examining challenges and opportunities in rural economic development, infrastructure and quality of life in the West.

Officials say Montana budget is in solid shape heading into pandemic

It’s unlikely that state government will run into an immediate budget crunch as it tries to contain the COVID-19 outbreak and respond to the virus’ economic impact.

Share Your Comments with Governor Bullock

What would you like to share with Gov. Bullock?

Gov. Steve Bullock: Montana rallying together during crisis

Montanans are no strangers to challenging and unprecedented times.

Governor Bullock Announces Emergency Loans Now Available for Small Businesses in Montana

SBA approves Montana’s request for emergency small business loans

Governor Bullock Announces Emergency Rules to Streamline Unemployment Benefits for Montana Workers Impacted by COVID-19

“The rules we’ve implemented today will ensure that workers impacted by COVID-19, whether it’s because they’ve been laid off, are quarantined, or need to take care of a family member, can do so without worrying about how they will make ends meet during these difficult times,” Governor Bullock said.

Do you know of a Montana business that is going to close soon from activities related to Covid-19?

We know that retail stores, restaurants and other tourism-related business will be heavily impacted in the next few months.

Montana Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force Help Montana Access Disaster Assistance

When disaster assistance will be available in Montana