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The state with the best education wins!

Gov. Steve Bullock

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Your Financial Support is Requested to Help Develop Montana’s Next Generation of Economic and Community Development Tools – It’s Montana’s Future

We can’t do this work alone. We need your active participation, critical thinking and resources to do the work outlined in the scope of work (see Summary). It’s Montana’s future.

Governor Bullock Highlights Growth in Apprenticeship Opportunities in Montana During National Apprenticeship Week

“Apprenticeships continue to provide Montanans with additional opportunities to train for in-demand jobs and earn a paycheck, while businesses are able to grow their talent pipeline.” Governor Bullock

Governor Bullock Announces $600,000 in Job Creation, Worker Training Grants

“These grants are critical to making those investments and enhancing partnerships with private business as they realize growth and opportunity.” Governor Bullock.

Bedrock Sandals Moving Headquarters to Missoula, Montana

I continue to believe Montana is the perfect home for outdoor gear manufacturers to grow their business, test their products, and live in landscapes that inspire and challenge each day. Governor Steve Bullock.

Montana Governor Bullock Announces $500,000 in Big Sky Film Grant Awards

“Montana is meant for the big screen, and these productions will highlight unique stories in which Montana becomes a supporting character,” Governor Bullock said.

100% of Montana schools now have broadband access

We need to continue to bridge the gap between urban and rural schools and ensure that every classroom is equipped with 21st-century technology to allow our teachers to be innovative and for students to be better prepared for a modern and changing workforce.

Montana’s entrepreneurs drive our economy – Governor Steve Bullock

Thank you for everything you do to make Montana the best state in the nation to live, work, play, start a business and raise a family.

Governor Bullock welcomes Innovate Montana Symposium to Butte

The event is a networking opportunity for local business owners and entrepreneurs. It also allows them to collaborate on business and marketing strategies.

How Steve Bullock would boost K-12 school spending and make community college free

He proposed giving tax credits to employers who help their employees pay off student debt.

Navigating Main Streets as Places: A People-First Transportation Toolkit

This provides guidance to Main Street leaders, community advocates, local officials, transportation professionals, and everyone else in between


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