Gov. Steve Bullock

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“Wear the damn mask. Stay home!” Gov. Steve Bullock discusses COVID-19 relief efforts in Montana

Gov. Steve Bullock said all of the state’s $1.25 billion allocation of federal funds to help Montana deal with the coronavirus have been exhausted prior to a deadline later this month and remains hopeful Congress will allocate more money.

Governor Bullock reduces Covid relief for local government, diverts $100M to workers

The Bullock administration is reducing federal Covid-19 relief money for Montana cities and counties by $100 million this year and routing it instead to unemployment benefits and grants to businesses – a move that caught local governments by surprise.

Workforce Recovery Grants Available for Montana Businesses Ready to Rehire – 11 Montana businesses have already been awarded funds

“Commerce’s temporary Workforce Recovery program was launched to support businesses that are ready to bring jobs back,” Commerce Director Tara Rice said. “Businesses will be reimbursed for rehiring workers and sustaining those jobs into the future.” 

Flathead businesses sue state over COVID claims

Five Flathead County businesses accused of flouting Gov. Steve Bullock’s masking and social-distancing mandates have filed counterclaims against the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, alleging the agency selectively targeted them and hurt them financially.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock hangs COVID inaction on lack of federal relief funds

“I never wanted to punish the businesses that are doing right in this pandemic to keep their employees and customers safe. Shutting down those businesses would do just that,” he said during a news conference.

Governor Bullock Secures Nursing Teams to Support Montana’s Rural Hospitals

“We must get our hands around this virus and ensure that no matter where we may live, we are all working together to do so.”

Governor Bullock Announces Consumer Complaint Form to Notify Montana Public Health Officials of COVID-19 Violations

“The Consumer Complaint Form will allow citizens to report their concerns about businesses and events that have not enacted the directives intended to protect everyone,” Governor Bullock said. “All Montanans deserve a safe community and healthy environment, and reporting these concerns means we’re looking out for each other.”

Governor Bullock Announces More than $1 Million in Business Development Funding to Create up to 136 Montana Jobs, Train New Workers

“When Montana businesses grow, our communities and the hardworking Montanans who live and work here have new opportunities to grow as well. These funds will invest in our state’s economy by expanding businesses and creating good-paying jobs to support those businesses.”

Montana’s registered apprenticeship program a boon to businesses, job seekers

Over the past 20 years, Montana’s registered apprenticeship program has sent more than 3,300 workers into good-paying jobs, with another 2,400 on the way, according to a new report.

Passenger rail advocates say Amtrak’s plan to reduce the Empire Builder to three days a week will cost Montana more than $38 million.

For some Montana communities, the passenger train is a lifeline, one of the few public transportation options in places like Browning, Shelby and Glasgow. But for Whitefish, the busiest stop along the route between the Twin Cities and Seattle, the train is a conveyor for tourists.