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Share Your Thoughts! – Missoula’s Growth Policy

State law requires that every 5 years, cities review their growth policy, and consider whether it still accurately reflects their community’s vision. Missoula is experiencing a variety of challenges and pressing issues. This is an opportunity to step back, and take stock of how the Growth Policy is holding up in the face of recent change and challenges.

Empathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill According To Research

Empathy has always been a critical skill for leaders, but it is taking on a new level of meaning and priority. Far from a soft approach it can drive significant business results.

Report: More than half of workers believe they’re underpaid. Here’s why

Payscale’s fair pay impact report shows that employees really have no idea if they are paid fairly. A whopping 86% of employees believe they are paid at market or below market when they are actually paid above market.

If Your Employees Aren’t Learning, You’re at Risk of Losing Them

One key factor in the recent barrage of resignations? Lack of training and skill development.

The Must Have Resume Feature for Fall 2021: Employees’ Vaccination Status

As many as one in three hiring managers are screening new hires for vaccination status, according to a new survey.

Montana tech jobs thriving, while others are in decline

“Data visualization is almost a component and essential component of a story or the way that you use infographics to tell a story. And, some of that is, do you know how to work with a data set? Do you know how to interpret a data set? And, then visualize it,” added Clark.

Your Weekly Talent Attraction Update – Great Falls Development Authority

This is our weekly talent attraction email update, where we give you the low-down on all things talent attraction in Great Falls, Montana and how to get involved.

The Biggest Error People Make On LinkedIn

I’m sure I’m not the only one who ignores their LinkedIn profile until they are actively job searching. But I’ve heard that doing so can lead to the loss of many professional opportunities.

How A Startup Made Employee Training More Fun

Workramp, a San Francisco-based startup, wanted to tackle an industry they saw as underserved: employee training. With major investors and $27.2 million raised, the company’s bet is paying off.

To Help Local Economies, Utah Hires Rural, Remote State Workers

Utah’s government looks for ways to “streamline and modernize” its operations. One way to do it: allowing and encouraging remote work and tapping into rural talent.