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Outsourcing is well worth the cost for many small businesses

When small companies outsource parts of their operations, owners and top executives find they can focus more on what really matters – building the business and serving clients and customers better.

Telecommute: What traffic? Workers with high-tech skills stay home, bypassing urban sprawl and being paid well, too.

"Telecommuting is probably consistent with the work and play [philosophy]," Flood said. "The quality of life goes up . . . if you provide different opportunities for your employees."

Call Centers Tap People For Work at Home

The development, driven by expanded broadband access to the Web, cheaper computer technology and improved call-routing systems, has opened the door to an entirely new group of at-home workers.

Telecommute: What traffic?: Workers with high-tech skills stay home, bypassing urban sprawl and being paid well, too

Nearly 12 percent of Florida’s salaried work force, or 850,000 people, do most of their work from home.

Homeshoring growing in popularity. Job offshoring is getting competition from increasingly popular homeshoring

Instead of moving offshore, call-center jobs like hers are going to home-based U.S. workers, and software programming jobs are moving to low-cost U.S. metro areas such as Oklahoma City or rural Greenville, N.C., instead of to India.

Outsourcing to the Heartland – New Study Concludes IT Outsourcing Benefits U.S. Economy

the U.S. economy has much to gain from global sourcing including net new job creation, higher real wages, higher real GDP growth, contained inflation and expanded exports.

Outsourcing to Rural America – Watford City, ND is a town of 1,435 people. It is nearly 50 miles from the closest stoplight and you’ll have to drive 47 miles for a Big Mac. So why are people moving here?

"it doesn’t matter where you are anymore."